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TV Spring Finales

TV Spring Finales

Its finale season!!! And you know how I love my tv shows! So I put together a small list of shows I follow and my impression of the finale. I will update as the finales occur.

Hart of Dixie May 7
This one was disappointing. I mean, isnt this where we left off last season essentially? Im a little confused too. Honestly, I dont understand this show, but I of course cannot stop watching because I love Rachel (OC!!!) but the show seems to get worse week to week. Its a great idea, but I think its almost too realistic (most parts...maybe?)

The Following April 29
HOLY COW!!!! What just happened?! What an amazing show. Seriously I love Kevin Bacon and I love the main female lead too shes great. I am wondering where the show will go now though? While the Cult still "survives" with or without Joe, I am very curious as to how they will continue this show. It seems to me it is similiar to Revenge. The first season will be great, and catch viewers but the 2nd season will be a let down. Hopefully it will remain 13 episodes and not 22, which would mean less lag time in the episodes.

Revenge- OMG what the hell just happened?! I need to know! Seriously. I loved this episode. Talk about everything finally coming together. The writers are seriously good at their jobs, keeping me bored yet on my toes all season and then ending with a bomb (no pun intended) like that!!! Ah I do not want to wait until next season. The whole Jack/Emily thing I want a little resolution. I want them together. I liked Aiden, but I think she belong with Jack. I am so sad about what is happening though to our dear friend Nolan. Ugh Padma really screwed him.

Once Upon a Time- I was a little let down by this one. I guess they have to take the show somewhere...But I was really happy with where a lot of the characters were that I was disappointed with the direction the show went. I really want Emma to be with her love and I want Mr. Gold to be with Belle. I am starting to dislike this show though. It seems a bit long. Im not sure how much more the show can handle. I give it one more season.

90210- HOT SHIT! I wasnt sure it was going to "end" I thought they might leave a cliff hanger, but I was REALLY happy with the way things ended, I think it gave enough closure to make the fans happy given the final season improptu. I think the characters were all in a place that worked and made sense.

Vampire Diaries--May 16--I am so happy that Elena finally made a decision! Its about damn time!!! I was a little disappointed in the ending, but maybe next season will be good. I did not care for the person that ended up with the cure, mainly because I dont feel like there was closure on the cure issue. And Im super confused about what happened to Bonnie and Jeremy. Im all around a little disappointed with everything other than Elenas choice in men!

Beauty and The Beast May 16  this show really bored me. I gotta be honest I didnt think it would be coming back for another season. Though given the finale Im glad there will be. I admit though the show is one of those take it or leave its for me. I think the ending solidified why I liked it though. there is just enough mystery, love and action. The problem is the drama between the love. They break up they get together they break up they get together...whawhawha....

Arrow-May 15-- Ok where to begin. Its a love/hate relationship. I love Laurel and Oliver. Though Id settle for Felicity. I dont really like the ending though. First off the death was unexpected and unnecessary. Not sure why that happened and there better be a good reason for it. Also not a fan of the mom coming out on national tv that there was a conspiracy. Kind of weird. And then theres roy and thea. I love them. And I need Roy to finally be on team Arrow. Thea though ugh she annoys me. She needs to get a clue.

Grimm- May 21--What a great way to end the season. I loved this. Even though it was a cliff hanger I think the show is great. It continues to surprise me, and even more, it continues to go against the grain.  The Juliette issue from last season that moved into this one was great and Im happy with the "ending" that they provided I think it fits in so much better! I am a fan of this show, even if its a little weird!

Red widow- May 3 -- Im glad this had a conclusion. Not really much else to say about this show.

Scandal May 16- Holy cow!!! What an amazing show. The conclusion was awesome. Next season is going to be amazing. I dont really want Oliva to be with the president I am glad the mole was outted however I must say, the mole was disapointing, in fact i would call it anti climatic. I think the show is really great and every episode keeps me on my toes. I cant wait for next season.

Nashville- May 22--I really liked the finale. I did. BUT, it also felt like something was missing. I did not like what happened with deacon, I was really disappointed, but I realize that the show might need some more plot points for next season. I hope everything works out. And poor Juliette! She lost here mom and her "boyfriend" and now shes alone!!! even though she is bitchy, I cant say I blame her, I just hope it all works out in the end!!

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Revolution - June 3rd

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