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Day 21

Day 21 by Kass Morgan (The Hundred #2) - 3 STARS

** You must read The 100 before reading this one.

Day 21 (The Hundred, #2)Synopsis
No one has set foot on Earth in centuries -- until now.
It's been 21 days since the hundred landed on Earth. They're the only humans to set foot on the planet in centuries...or so they thought. Facing an unknown enemy, Wells attempts to keep the group together. Clarke strikes out for Mount Weather, in search of other Colonists, while Bellamy is determined to rescue his sister, no matter the cost. And back on the ship, Glass faces an unthinkable choice between the love of her life and life itself.
In this pulse-pounding sequel to Kass Morgan's The 100, secrets are revealed, beliefs are challenged, and relationships are tested. And the hundred will struggle to survive the only way they can -- together.

*I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Overall: Great new take on Dystopian 
Characters:  Clarke, Glass, Belamy, Wells, Octavia 
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Book Boyfriend: hm...not sure yet... 
Genre:  Dystopian 
Sex Scenes: No


Generally I really liked this book. There were some things that threw me off, and I frankly liked the first one more, but overall I still liked and enjoyed this one.
First off, I really like Kass Morgan's writing style, its simple but beautiful.
I also really liked the new characters that were introduced. This book takes a completely different turn than the TV show, so for this book, it was a lot easier to read without constantly thinking how did they do this in the show,  or that was/not in the show hm... These thoughts plagued me throughout the first book, whereas this book was so different I had no show to compare to.
The new plot and characters were interesting and I found that I really liked them, however, there were a lot of things wrong with this book too. I didnt like the ending. Nope. Not one bit. (no spoiler here ii you read the 1st book). The only good part about the ending is that it reminded me of the TV show and whether more people are coming to Earth. The whole Earthborn thing at the end was weird, and awkward and seems like the author just didnt flesh out the issue enough.

While the world building in book 2 was better than book 1, which I mention in that review, Im still a little confused about some things that just seem out of place. (minor spoiler: for instance, I dont understand how it took Clarke and Bellamy two days to walk what later took him 6 hours to walk? huh?)  Or as another reviewer mentions what exactly is the Catalysm, and for that matter how the all call "it" the same name? The pacing of this book is much like the first one, its steady, with plenty of change in characters to keep the reader guessing and wanting more.

This time around I liked Glass a lot more. Her narrative became so much more interesting over the course of this book! I couldnt believe the things that people are willing to (or not do) to survive. The other characters all remained the same, I enjoyed them and their storyline and was happy to see some of the relationships progress. Clarke and Wells are still my favorite characters. And I still wish Octavia had more involvment (or her own chapters). I was disappointed that there was a lack of growth in the actual characters (between one another yes, but actual characters no) I was glad there was romance, because lets face it, nothing else happened in this book, but I wish the plot had really been thickened more, I feel like everything that happened occurred quite SLOWLY even though while reading the book it doesnt feel that way. The change in characters POV really throughs me off. Sometimes I like the change, its nice to get a different perspective (the ship versus land) BUT it really wasnt necessary to have all four voices, I really wish more action had occurred during this book. Really it didnt seem like anything happened considering its 300 + pages really more on Earth should have occurred...

It was so interesting to see Kass's take on humanity, shown in various settings and ways throughout this book, afterall thats really what this book is about, survival and humanity. And frankly, I like her take, its painful, but beautiful, and shows the reality and severity of these situations.

So, In the end, I liked this book, BUT it is not one of my favorites and honestly I wouldnt recommend it. Just because I enjoyed something while reading it doesnt make it good. This is a book/series for someone to read that is looking for a simple, easy, but enjoyable 1 day read, but it isnt going to blow your mind. Sorry.

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the 100

The 100 by Kass Morgan 4 STARS

The 100 (The Hundred, #1)
In the future, humans live in city-like spaceships orbiting far above Earth's toxic atmosphere. No one knows when, or even if, the long-abandoned planet will be habitable again. But faced with dwindling resources and a growing populace, government leaders know they must reclaim their homeland... before it's too late.
Now, one hundred juvenile delinquents are being sent on a high-stakes mission to recolonize Earth. After a brutal crash landing, the teens arrive on a savagely beautiful planet they've only seen from space. Confronting the dangers of this rugged new world, they struggle to form a tentative community. But they're haunted by their past and uncertain about the future. To survive, they must learn to trust - and even love - again

*copy provided by net galley for honest review

Overall: Great new take on Dystopian 
Characters:  Clarke, Glass, Belamy, Wells, Octavia 
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Book Boyfriend: hm...not sure yet... 
Genre:  Dystopian 
Sex Scenes: No

Okay, first I must say, yes this is a TV show on the CW, which I have been watching. No I did not read the book first. That said, I had some expectations for the book, obviously, however, I actually think having watched the series first and then the book, I enjoyed it more than if I'd read the book first and then watched the show. Thats just me though. The TV show is way different. The characters are primarily the same, and the original plot is the same, but the show takes some very different twists (some I like some I don't), but that makes sense right it has to keep an audience pulled in week after week. I found that the actors chosen were really on point for the most part, and frankly this helped me visualize things. In that respect (the characters and the setting) the show and book seem point on.

Now that thats out of the way, lets talk about the book. This is a great book for those looking for a different dystopian novel. HOWEVER, there are some really big, glaring issues that I have with the book.  First, the whole "pregnancy" issue (which is a plot point in varying way throughout the book) seems really out of place. I get the impression that if everyone is on a large ship, in a controlled environment, that birth control would be a requirement for ALL those women of child bearing age. Population control would seem extremely important. (and is an obvious focal point of the book for more than one reason), so it seems really, REALLY odd to me that the government wouldn't control this more tightly, to avoid unwanted, and unplanned pregnancy (in married and single people). On that same topic, one would think once teenagers arrive on Earth, where birth control is not, that someone would get pregnant, yet they don't....(okay its only been a month, but I didnt know that at the time of reading!) this seems completely counter to what would actually happen. Second, wouldn't people in space be monitoring Earth a bit more? I mean similar to our current space programs where we go and collect data on other planets etc, wouldn't they do the same to Earth so they could figure out when they could return? Again, it seems EXTREMELY odd that this wouldn't have occurred or been thought of. With the amount of technology in 300 years, wouldn't they be able to send "something" to collect data and return? Also, it seems crazy to me that executions would occur in the way that they had, I don't know that the government would really work like that. Though, that said, it explains why on Earth the teenagers act the way they do (execute without caring about innocence or guilt).

Okay Now that Im gotten my gripes out of the way, lets discuss the good, because I am giving this book 4 stars. So even though I have major issues with the book, those issues are personal to me, primarily because Im in the midst of writing my own dystopian book, but also because I tend to think about the logistic issues in these kind of books. So, at first I thought having four alternating POV's would be confusing and annoying. BUT actually I think it worked out really well. In the beginning, I was confused, and perhaps this is where having watched the show really helps because I have concrete opinions on the characters already, but generally speaking I thought it worked really well, I was able to folio the characters their thoughts and feelings and their actions, both present and past really well. The authors writing ability was great in that sense, I could honestly see and feel everything for these characters in so many different ways. Its got to be very difficult to have depth of character for 4 main characters yet also numerous side characters (Octavia, Luke, Graham, Thalia).

This plot is really interesting, its different, humans left Earth and are coming back, but don't know what to expect. Its hard to not compare to the show, for me, but Ill try. Honestly, I felt like it was a little slow moving plot wise. I would have liked the ending (not the end) to come sooner and for that to be elaborated more, so that the plot could be continued further. This first book just seemed to set the pace and overall plot point, really giving the reader insight into who the characters are, why they are all there, and fierce. So we know who everyone is (the main people) and why they got sent to confinement, but Earth still seems like a mystery. I would have really liked some more world building. Which is where having watched the show detracts from the book. My opinion is likely heightened a little, because I actually saw the world (on the show). I will say the author did a great job of taking Earth moments and making them count (sunrise, rain, the smell of fresh air etc) but I would have liked better Earthly descriptions. I also wonder why everyone stays put, why not wander and explore more...I also would have loved to know if there are other "people" on Earth and if so I'd love to hear from their POV!


I absolutely LOVED Clarke. She is is by far my favorite (along with Octavia who has no POV). I completely understand where she is coming from, and feel for her in a variety of ways. But having the other POVs really helps me understand some of the various ongoing issues (her parents execution for example). I really like the TV shows explanation of Wells/Parents betrayal better than the book, but the book still had a good point, and proved that sometimes good intentions and good people do not always mean a fair outcome or trial. That corruption is everywhere. I found her compassion, empathy and strength though to be really beautiful and she was the star of the book no doubt.

I liked Wells, and I felt for him. His unwavering love for Clarke is obvious and beautiful. His POV really shows his reasoning and feelings behind his actions. I can feel his pain, and his love which is a testament to the authors writing. I enjoyed reading his POV. I wish that the TV show had followed his character more  closely from the book, because I think it would have been better honestly.

Belamy, in the book I liked Belamy on the TV show I hate him. I think he isn't nearly as bad in the book as he is on the show. He is such a protector for his sister Octavia. But he doesn't just care about her and I think that shows more in the book, he is someone who has had to struggle his whole life through no fault of his own and that has really strengthened him for Earth, I hope in the next book to really see this strength pull through. Though Im not sure how I feel about his relationship with some of the others....

Glass- a character not on the TV show at all which I found to be quite odd- I didnt care for her. I actually liked her parts the least. I think she was an added perspective on the ship, which was necessary, and I understand why the author used another delinquent rather than what the TV show did, but I just didnt like Glass. Maybe its her name, maybe its just her, but I didnt like her. But in all honesty, given the way the author was writing, in the perspective of the delinquents Earthbound, I get why she wrote about Glass, and frankly this story is a sad one. Its one of the more depressing stories in the bunch. Star crossed lovers basically. But then a love triangle? I don't know might be too much....

All that said, I want to keep reading, I want to know what happens....

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Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa by Kristen Lippert Martin - 4.5 STARS

Synopsis - The Bourne Identity meets Divergent in this heart-pounding debut.
Sixteen-year-old Sarah has a rare chance at a new life. Or so the doctors tell her. She’s been undergoing a cutting-edge procedure that will render her a tabula rasa—a blank slate. Memory by memory her troubled past is being taken away.
But when her final surgery is interrupted and a team of elite soldiers invades the isolated hospital under cover of a massive blizzard, her fresh start could be her end. 
Navigating familiar halls that have become a dangerous maze with the help of a teen computer hacker who's trying to bring the hospital down for his own reasons, Sarah starts to piece together who she is and why someone would want her erased. And she won’t be silenced again.
A high-stakes thriller featuring a non-stop race for survival and a smart heroine who will risk everything, Tabula Rasa is, in short, unforgettable.

*A Copy was provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Overall: Action and Sci-Fi 
Characters: Sarah and Pierce 
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? No
Recommend if You Like…The Program. 
Book Boyfriend:
Genre: Young Adult/ Sci-Fi   
Sex Scenes: No 

HOLY FREAKING COW. This book took me by surprise. I mean I knew I would like it, but I absolutely loved this book! It was by far one of the best books I have read so far this year. 

Tabula Rasa is an action packed adventure lots of mystery and a little bit of love. 

TR follows Sarah as she tries to piece together why she is in a private hospital in the middle of nowhere with no memory of who she is or where she is from, all while being hunted by a team of assassins. If the summary isn't enough for you to pick this up, then just about every review out there should convince you. The first few pages of the book, I thought maybe this isn't really for me, I figured it might be a slow book with a lot of questions, while the character(s) try to figure things out on the sly (like the Program) but this book is like the Program on steroids. It is a non stop action intense book. While Sarah's abilities are quite ridiculous at times (like climbing a crane and then jumping into a window while being shot at) I found that I was able to ignore those moments because the overall book was just so interesting intense and good!

For once, I must say that the flashbacks worked here. A lot of books that use flashbacks as a way of showing a reader more about the character seem to miss the mark for me, (Insanity…) but I was more than impressed with the authors ability to have the reader and the main character relive moments that actually helped move the book along. 

The pacing here was also really good. I never felt a moment that was unnecessary, misplaced, or unwanted. Sarah was spunky and fierce. Her determination clearly remained instilled in her regardless of the procedures she had been through. 

I also liked Pierce, I found him to be really entertaining. He was more than a side character. He was sarcastic and funny, but also an amazing hacker. His character helped move the plot forward in more than one way but never felt awkward or forced. The relationship between Pierce and Sarah felt "normal" (if thats possible). By normal I really mean that considering the plot and story line that their relationship seemed to flow. They bantered, and they kissed, but they were also skeptical of one another, and initially relied upon each other out of necessity rather than due to an insta love connection. In fact, their relationship is hardly sexual throughout most of the book. Instead the bond as friends more than anything else, until it becomes something else.

I found the other side characters to be interesting, but my .5 point deduction really comes from these odd side characters.  

The constant questions in this book felt natural, rather than constantly wanting to know whats going on, the author feeds the answers to us over time, just the Sarah gets them. Piece by piece the puzzle begins to form. A natural progression seems to occur. Unlike shows such as Lost where you get one of 10 questions answered only to have 10 more come up, TR's author constantly provided answers to our burning questions, leaving me satisfied in the end with everything that had occurred. 

LOVED this book and will definitely keep reading Ms. Lippert-Martins works! 

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Right Kind of Wrong

The Right Kind of Wrong by Chelsea Fine 3.5  STARS

Right Kind of Wrong (Finding Fate, #3)Synopsis
Sometimes wrong can feel oh so right . . .
Jenna Lacombe needs complete control, whether it’s in the streets . . . or between the sheets. So when she sets out on a solo road trip to visit her family in New Orleans, she’s beyond annoyed that the infuriatingly sexy Jack Oliver wants to hitch a ride with her. Ever since they shared a wild night together last year, he’s been trying to strip away her defenses one by one. He claims he’s just coming along to keep her safe-but what’s not safe for her is prolonged exposure to the tattooed hottie.
Jack can’t get Jenna out from under his skin. She makes him feel alive again after his old life nearly destroyed him-and losing her is not an option. Now Jack’s troubles are catching up to him, and he’s forced to return to his hometown in Louisiana. But when his secrets put them both in harm’s way, Jenna will have to figure out how far she’s willing to let love in . . . and how much she already has.

*received a copy from net galley in exchange for an honest review

Overall: Sexy, bad boy romance with a twist
Characters:  Jenna, Jack, Samson, Pixie
Page Turner: At times yes
Series Cont.? Kind of
Recommend if You Like…any new adult 
Book Boyfriend: Jack 
Genre:  New Adult
Sex Scenes: A Little 

First off let me say that you do not need to read any of the other books in this series to read this book. I didnt and it in no way affected me. 

So this book started off like many others for me. I struggled in the first 20% to really get into it,  I was really hoping the entire book wasn't this ridiculous angsty back and forth. And to be honest it kind of was, at least in dialogue and inner monologues. BUT what made this book stand out for me was the side story. Jack's home story line is REALLY quite intriguing and interesting and I became compelled to keep reading, I had to know what was going on. I found that this side story line actually made the book. I wish it hadn't been so nicely tied up in the end, and short, because the last 10% was much like the first 20%. Regardless, this back story made the book interesting. Its hard now to find a book that doesn't read like all the rest, but having a really interesting back story or crazy side story makes all the difference. In fact if the side story had started sooner, I would have given this more stars. 

Plot and Characters
So onto the plot. Jack and Jenna have a love hate relationship. Quite frankly though its Jenna who hates and Jack who loves. (usually its the opposite right?!) this story is told in alternating POV's. I found this to be really interesting primarily because Jenna got to be annoying at times, her constant "this isn't in my plan" got old real fast, Honestly, that "reason" was simply not a good enough reason for any woman nowadays and the antedate at the end with the inn manager while heartfelt was too sappy given the rest of the book and felt out of place. But I loved Jack, even though this bad boy's inner monologue seemed to be way more sensitive than any guy I have ever met, I wanted him because of that. What girl doesn't want a sappy bad boy...? 

The main plot of the story is that Jack and Jenna know each other, used to work together, and had one night of passion before realizing that they crossed a line, and now Jenna can barely handle being in the same room with him, but now they are stuck in a car for three days together. (honestly though, who drives 3 days to get home to save money can't be that much cheaper if you have to pay for motel rooms too??, and okay with Jack it is cheaper...but still...) While dropping Jack at home, on her own way home, Jenna and Jack end up in a little bit of trouble from Jacks past  leading Jenna to test herself and her possible feelings for Jack. 

The story is overall very sexy yet tender. I found the authors writing ability to be actually very good. I really could see what was happening unfolding before my eyes, I felt the emotions really come through the pages. I really enjoyed this aspect of the book, and is why I initially continued to read. (and I don't like to give up!).  While at first it seemed like any other angsty lovers quarrel type book, Chelsea Fine managed to bring to life an intense story of love. She showed her readers that sometimes, not everything thats right is expected, and that many times, you find just what you need without looking for it. 

The side story for Jack really brought this story together for me, as I have stated I think a dozen times already, sorry. I don't want to give anything away, but this storyline really caught me. It isn't so different that its "amazing" or "crazy good" but I would say that in this story it caught me off guard and really brought the characters personalities to life. This bad boy persona was not just an act. I loved Jack. Even his silly sappiness, was beautiful. He was such a protector and so beautiful. Endearing and just plain sexy. Jack really made this story in so many ways! His family was great and I really hope that another book is written on one of his brothers!

Jenna, I liked Jenna's fiestiness and her boldness, she was tough and refused to let anyone get under her skin. But her inner monologue and thoughts got to be a bit annoying after a while. I wish she would have admitted to herself sooner her true feelings, and that instead she struggled with some of the other aspects of Jack and their "relationship" which would have provided more depth to their relationship. I felt that she really stuck to her guns, but never really provided a good enough grounding that made her beliefs I guess believable. Most women do not focus on just one issue but all the issues for why they shouldn't be with someone, so I wish she would have really discussed this more. I just felt like something was missing. Also, I felt like we didnt really get to see or meet her family much, which I would have liked. Instead we spent most of the book with Jacks family (which honestly Im okay with!) but considering the purpose of her trip, it would have made more sense to meet them more. 

Also, I was REALLY confused as to timing, how are they taking like a week to go to NOLA from Phoenix when they have jobs and are in school...?? I thought perhaps this could have been better explained....
Overall this was a fun read and I totally recommend for someone looking for some love, angst and bad boy fun.

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Exiled by Sophie Davis 4 STARS

**  You must read the Talented Series before this book!

Exiled: Kenly's Story (A Talented Novel)Synopsis-
Kenly Baker is alone. TOXIC has been defeated. Her friends from the McDonough School for the Talented are scattered to the wind. Even Kenly’s only living family member cannot hide the scared teenager from those who wish to contain her. Because Kenly is one of the Created.
For her, it’s a future worse than death.
She travels across the Atlantic Ocean, to the slums of London. There, Kenly finds tentative acceptance among a group of outcasts. They have spent their enire lives dodging shadows, barely staying alive. Kenly thought she knew what horrors haunt the night, but her new companions reveal predators far more alarming than anything she’s ever faced. Suddenly, she is brutally aware of the dark side of humanity.
Kenly’s biggest concern was the UNITED trackers, who round up and capture the Created. But there are adversaries in this new world who are far more terrifying. And unfortunately for Kenly, now their sites are set on the Created.

*A Copy was provided by the author for an honest review

Overall: Great new storyline intertwining well loved characters with new ones!
Characters:  Kenly, Willa, James, Honora, Riley
Page Turner: Sometimes
Series Cont.? Yes
Book Boyfriend: James?
Genre:  Sci-Paranormal Romance with slight dystopian feel
Sex Scenes: Nope

This book, like all the others is pretty fast paced with lots of action and twists and turns. I loved having the original team of characters mentioned and involved, (hopefully bringing together a final book in alternate POV's?) I was really impressed with this new world building that the author created. I too, like Kenly, never really considered how other countries saw or treated the Talented, so it was truly eye opening to see it work so differently and the way that people were treated. I was so intrigued by this dark and dangeous world and the characters, they had such a crazy back story, so different than what we had seen in the other Talented books. I really enjoyed this book, it was fast paced, action packed with a little bit of romance and a slight cliff hanger (nothing too major though!) If you are a fan of this series, this is a MUST read!

What I didnt like was that it felt too slow at times, I almost felt like there was too much world building by telling than showing and experiencing. Specifically, Kenly's intake of information, which at times felt overloading and annoying (but on point) seemed to serve as explaining the world in which Kenly fell into, rather than showing me the world and having her explore it, basically it felt like Kenly wasnt putting the pieces together properly, and timely. This got better after the first 15-20% of the book, when Kenly really got in to the thick of things. There were scenes that I was confused about, especially towards the end, when it seemed like everything was just thrown together. I didnt understand the ending at all, and found the beginning to lack in entertainment, it was quite dull at first at the world building stage (which is why I docked a star).

Generally though, this is an excellent companion type novel of Talented. Im not sure how the author would get to the next book of Talia without this one though, so it will be interesting to see where we go next, but one thing is certain, I cant wait!


Kenly- I'm not really sure how I feel about Kenly, I really liked her in the other Talented books, I found her intriguing and mysterious. And honestly, I am glad she got her own story, her own book, because she was quite prominent at times to Talia. That said, I was more than a little frustrated with her at times. Considering she had been training at the school for years and with Talia/Donovan for a while, I felt like her Higher Reasoning Power should have been more spot on than it was. And granted she was thrown into a VERY different world than she was accustomed to, I didnt understand how she could so easily let her guard down ALL the time! I also got quite annoyed with her "holier than thou" mantra. The idea that she was invincible or better than everyone else was really annoying. On the other hand, I found her nativity matching her new world, and the love interest to be interesting. I loved learning about James and getting to know him. As always the author amazing created such mystery yet mesmerizing scenes of vulnerability and openness. I was in awe at times at her ability to weave such beautiful scenes together, so effortlessly it seems everything fits together. Kenly also seems to have a temper, which I find odd considering she is a higher reasoning mind, so she should know better, but she let it get to her regardless.

I do like Kenly though, I love her spirit, her fight and her endless amount of love and hope. I found her will to help those she cares about endearing, as she was willing to sacrifice quite a bit to save someone she loves on numerous occasions. I liked that her personality really shown throughout the book, I was never confused about how she felt or what she was thinking. She was always honest with herself, in an entertaining way too. I found her relationship with James, while predictable, still touching. She actually spent time getting to know him before truly falling for him, and even admitted that she knew she couldn't quite call it love yet. Overall, Kenly is another great strong female lead character and I look forward to her role in future books. One thing I love about Kenly that really shows off her Higher Reasoning Power is the way her brain works, the constant thinking and analyzing, her brain truly never shuts off. And over the course of the book I think she realizes that not everything is a problem to be solved in her heard but that she needs more.

James- Oh James. Where to start with this one. I couldn't get a good read on him at first (yes i know thats the point!) I wasn't sure if I would like him, and honestly, even though I like him now, I don't love him like I love Erik (he's hard to overcome). I liked James, that he had a tough exterior for a purpose. I like that Kenly had to peel back his layers, he didnt just reveal himself or his past for a pretty new girl. James was caring, and compassionate. He speaks through his action (or sometimes lack thereof). His bond with Kenly really blossoms over time and their relationship is much more than just skin deep.

Friday, September 12, 2014


Haze by Paula Weston (The Rephaim Book 2

* NOTE* You must read Book 1 before Book 2. 

"But what if we can’t find Jude?" 
He leans closer. His breath is warm on my ear. "We will."
"How can you be so sure?" I want to believe him so badly, but this is Rafa. The guy who’s all action and no plan. His smile is tired, knowing. An echo of a shared past I don’t remember. 
"Because I’m not smart enough to give up, and you don’t know how to." 
Gaby Winters’ nightmares have stopped but she still can’t remember her old life. Still can’t quite believe she is one of the Rephaim—the wingless half-angels who can shift from place to place, country to country, in the blink of an eye. That she was once the Rephaim’s best fighter. That demons exist. That Rafa has stayed. 
But most of all, she can’t quite believe that her twin brother, Jude, might be alive. 
And Gaby can’t explain the hesitancy that sidetracks the search for him, infuriates Rafa, and sends them, again, into the darkest danger.

*I received a copy from net galley in exchange for an honest review. 

Overall: Action and Sci-Fi - Angels and Demons 
Characters:  Rafa, Gaby, Maggie, Jason and so many more 
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Recommend if You Like…Angelfall
Book Boyfriend: Rafa 
Genre:  Sci-Fi / Angels  
Sex Scenes: No

Overall - AMAZING. I am SOOOOO upset I have to wait to read the other two books!! No wonder I originally had this book on my "read when entire series is out" shelf! This s one of those books you fall in love with, hard, and can't put it down no matter how hard you try! It was one of the most well written, beautiful intriguing mysterious and amazing books I've read. Much like angel fall, you cannot but fall in love with the characters in this book.  The characters are all swoon worthy and awesome, the dialogue is point on and the plot continues to twist and turn in all the right places. I could not have asked for a better book, a better 2nd book in a series, a better, anything!! I absolutely loved this fantastic book/series! It is a MUST read. 

Haze picks up right where Shadow leaves off, and not a moment later. And instantly you are brought right back into this world!  This book is full of more plots twists and revelations.  Weston really brings to life all the different locations that the characters go to, as well as the characters themselves! 

Rafa- AH- *deep breath* Rafa is swoon worthy, he is sexy, smoldering, dangerous, but completely and wonderfully charming.  Throughout Haze, Weston, brings little pieces of Rafa out, layer by layer, piece by piece showing readers a bit more of his soul. These glimpses of compassion and love, really bring an extra level of "warmth" to the relationship he has started with Gaby. 

I love Gaby and Rafa, their mysterious history, which is referenced throughout the books, and remains a mystery really brings this hot & cold relationship even further. I love everything about them, their ease with one another, their slow burn, its evident that Rafa cares much more than he lets on while Gaby, though confused, knows there is more to him than meets the eye (though thats not saying much). Their sexual tension is tantalizing, sizzling and HOT.

Gaby is a great character. She is so sure and yet unsure of herself all the same. Weston really wrote her quite amazingly. Gaby has depth, more so than many of the characters I read out there. She is strong and determined, but she is also untrusting and unsure of herself in her own skin. She is fearful even though she tries to show no fear.  She is constantly questioning those around her, and the acts of everyone.  Like the readers, Gaby keeps guessing with whom she can trust and whom she needs to be careful around, especially with the added issue of  not know her own history or where anyone's loyalties lie. 

This story focuses on trying to find out Gaby's past and finding Jude, her brother. The idea that he could still be alive, is terrifying but provides hope to all those who lost him. Gaby and Rafa are most vulnerable here.  and this storyline is truly interesting. 

There were a few things I didnt like. Specifically, I wish Gaby would have worked on her shifting, this seems so incredibly important but its as if she doesn't think about it at all, this is certainly something I would constantly think about if I were her. And trying to figure out the scar on my neck!  

Im most definitely intrigued as to the rest of the mystery that surrounds Gaby, will she get her memories back, or find out what happened 1 year ago, will she and Rafa be together, get back together, will she learn to shift (can she shift!), will they talk more to Dani, hows Jason really fit many questions so few answers....but thats okay, Paula Westons writing is beautiful and amazing and I cannot wait to keep reading her books! 

Also, *minor spoiler** at one of the meetings with the demon Bel, he mentions Nathaniel to Gaby as being at the accident, potentially saving her... If I were Gaby, granted a demons word means little, but I would certainly have mentioned this to Rafa and really question some of these facts, next time I saw Nathaniel. I noticed of few of these moments. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Real Thing

The Real ThingThe Real Thing by Cassie Mae 3.5 STARS

Eric Matua has one friend—his best friend and childhood sweetheart, who needs a place to stay for the summer. Mia Johnson has thousands of friends—who live in her computer. Along with her email chats and Facebook notifications, Mia also devours romance novels, spending countless hours with fictional characters, dreaming of her own Romeo to sweep her off her feet. When she starts receiving supersweet messages from a stranger who thinks she’s someone else, Mia begins to believe that real love is possible outside her virtual world. 
When the two friends become roommates, Mia finds herself falling harder than she ever thought she could. But Eric keeps his desires locked away, unsure of himself and his ability to give his best friend what she deserves in a boyfriend. As her advances are continually spurned, Mia splits her time between Eric and her computer. But she soon realizes she’s about to lose the only real thing she’s ever had.
* Copy provided by netgalley for honest review

Genre: New Adult
Overall Thoughts:  Sweet and lovely Romance between friends 
Characters: Emilia and Eric 
Page Turner: Not Really 
Series Cont.? No
Recommend if You Like
Book Boyfriend: Eric 
Sex Scenes: Kind of. 


This is most definitely a cute, sweet and lovely friends to lovers story. While quite predictable, its very very sweet and seems appropriate given the dating these days. I struggled somewhat with certain pieces of the story. What I loved about this book was that it really focused on some topics that aren't really mentioned these days and no one has yet to bring to a forefront. Specifically the issues men have with their weight, and the way that affects them. The issue of panic attacks, how these are becoming more common but still not discussed much. Lastly, the obsession with our cell phones, Facebook, internet, social media and technology's ability to challenge us in our everyday lives with live people. Nowadays people are so obsessed with texting and talking to each other via the internet that we lose the ability to talk in person. The depth and emotion that the author was able to get into on these topics was really amazing, she brought to life and evoked genuine emotion in her character on topics I had never given much thought to

I found the interactions between Eric and Mia to all be really sweet and intimate. Their friendship and easy going relationship are so obvious and genuine, its no wonder they both have feelings for one another. I felt the entire concept of this book is extremely relatable. Who hasn't thought of their friend in that way, or questioned it. I think the problems that arose between these friends/couple are really interesting and seem typical for relationships. Figuring out whats appropriate for being a couple when you were once only friends. That line is so thin and once you cross it, its hard to know whats acceptable in the couple sense, because you are so used to the friendship. Its certainly an interesting and great idea to explore. I found the authors writing really easy to follow, understand and relate to, even when I didnt agree. Some of the choices the characters made annoyed me, but I think that in general, that they were normal issues and ways of dealing with things that couples like this would experience.

What I didnt love-

I struggled somewhat with some of the "lack" of descriptions on certain topics.  For instance, Eric was at one point "fat" and is now really toned, but still feels overweight, I could never really figure out what exactly that meant Eric looked like. For me, this was a huge downfall. I had a really hard time seeing what Eric was supposed to look like. Also, I didnt really understand what Mia really did, was she in school? Was she in massage school? And where exactly were they? Little pieces seemed to be missing for me to really get into the book completely. Also, the pacing was too slow for me. There really wasn't a need to build up their relationship for 50% of the book, it was pretty obvious they had a strong friendship way before then, so I felt that the book was just too slow, with not much happening overall. I feel like a lot happened in the last 30% though so it did even out a bit.

In the end, even though I liked the book, I didnt love it. It didnt capture my attention to the point that I couldn't put it down, and I struggled through the first 50% the pacing just felt slow. I felt that not enough was going on, and motion wasnt occurring.  I also didnt love either characters. They were likable enough, but both had their own faults that reading about just didnt pique my interests. BUT I will continue reading Cassie Maes books and YOU should too!

Friday, September 5, 2014

True Calling

True Calling by Siobhan Davis 2 STARS

True CallingSynopsis-
Planet Novo, nestled in space twelve hundred miles above the surface of the Earth, is the new home of 17 year old Cadet Ariana Skyee. Confused by the government-sanctioned memory erase and distressed at her impending forced marriage and motherhood, Ariana’s plans for the future are thrown into complete disarray.
As the traumatic events within her family life enfold, Ariana grows increasingly alarmed at the authorities apparent pre-occupation with her and feels progressively more isolated and alone.
Her growing feelings for fellow Cadet Cal Remus intensify as the recently announced pageant, ‘The Calling’, gets underway. Struggling to comprehend the continuous, inexplicable dreams of the mysterious Zane, discovering the past helps shape her future, with devastating personal consequences.

* A Copy was provided by netgalley for an honest review. 

Genre: Young Adult Dystopian/Science Fiction

Overall Thoughts:  Engaging but similar to a lot of other books out there
Characters: Ariana, Cal, Zane
Page Turner: Sometimes
Series Cont.? Yes (I think)
Recommend if You Like…A Million Suns, the selection 
Book Boyfriend: Cal and Zane, not sure who I like more.
Sex Scenes: No

Overall -
Halston Sage
Halston Sage
So Im a little disappointed. I really wanted to like this book, I really did. In fact, I think the plot, with a little more fleshing out and a lot more dialogue could be pretty brilliant.  But unfortunately, I think the book should have undergone some severe beta reading.  I know how difficult it is to write a book, and that it a process, so much effort goes into any book. So I truly HATE giving negative reviews. Also, not sure I can really classify the book as a dystopian since its more romance than anything else.

My biggest issue with this book is the lack of dialogue and actual motion.  The plot of True Calling, while reminiscent of quite a few other dystopian novels, especially so in the beginning, (think Hunger Games meets the Selection meet fertility book.) But over the course of the book, the plot does get better and better, and I find myself interested in the plot. BUT there are a ton of flaws that really had me frustrated while reading. Admittedly, I was able to finish the book and intrigued. So this isn't a book to stay away from in that sense, rather it lacks maturity.

This is a young adult dystopian for someone who may not be familiar with Hunger Games and other popular dystopian books (say someone just starting off). The familiarity and resemblances are uncanny at first and very easy to spot, but as the plot builds and thickens, the likeness fades. What doesn't fade are the other problems. The main character Ariana, literally tells me everything. Nothing is really describes or shown to me, Im told. There almost NO dialogue throughout the entire book. Im told the characters talked about this that or the other, but the vast majority of the book is just Ariana's thoughts and feelings and senses. Yet there was also the added unnecessary twist of a love triangle.

Speaking of Ariana, while I enjoyed her character overall, I found her, especially towards the end to be really annoying. In the beginning, she was extremely distrustful, and wary of everyone. But over time it seemed almost as if she stopped questioning things, or stopped questioning them in the same way she used to. She also couldn't seem to put any of the pieces together, it was as if she just kept going along with things, without actually putting the different pieces together. I found that to be annoying, instead even her internal monologues were about the competition. And I found it odd that she fell into such an easy routine with Cal. Her behavior just seemed misplaced for someone so untrusting yet determined to be her own person.

Zane- I enjoyed his part a lot. It was my favorite part of the book. HOWEVER, with that said, I don't think that the placement of his small section made sense. In fact, I felt that it was completely misplaced. The author would have done better if she had incorporated more of Zanes voice through out the book, every few chapters put one in about Zane. He also didnt have to disclose who he was but it would have really helped with the flow of the book.  I also would have preferred the issue of the rebellion than that stupid pageant. Otherwise, I loved Zane. He was amazing. I absolutely loved his character he was a great addition to this book, and one of the main reasons I kept reading and would pick up book 2.

Cal- I don't know how I feel about Cal. I honestly can't decide how I feel. It seemed that at the beginning I loved him, he was kind, sweet, gentle, and I found him to be a great character. But his anger and violence over the course of the book started to get to me.  I really wanted to like him, but by the end of the book, I found myself untrusting and worried about Ariana.

There are quire a few things I would change about this story, outside of the writing. I really wish that the characters had behaved differently more than anything.