Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Series Coming Fall 2013

The New Fall 2013 5/11/2013 --TVADDICT

So as you know I follow this stuff closely. Ive been dying to find out what shows will stay, go and the new ones to look forward to. Ive been reading up on it a lot lately, and I got a new list this week of the new series ordered and a few that were AXED. Now one thing I absolutely hate, is hearing about a show, getting stoked about it, and then learning it didnt make the cut. What makes me like a show is more than the plot, which you probably also know by now. I like a show 1) plot. 2) Actors and Actresses. 3) Network

I dont really watch much on FOX or CBS. In fact I stopped watching CSI this season which was the only show other than Amazing Race and Big Brother than I watched, but for me, I dont like the cast anymore (Ted Danson is annoying) And there is rarely any story on the charatcers so I feel little connection. FOX I watched Mob Doctor which got axed and I watch Master Chef, and thats kind of it. Apparently though these two networks are the top draws. (Um what?! How is that even possible??) Which sucks because for anyone who is an ABC/NBC fan, your shows that you like, get axed because people are watching CBS and FOX more than ABC and NBC so low ratings mean no return, even if in reality the show is great.

Now first, for those of you that dont know how this works Ill start with ratings. Every network gets live ratings, and then they factor in DVR. Now the problem is that for people like me, I sometimes watch stuff online and do not DVR it. This is not a factor.

Now as for the pilots, the network people all watch the pilot episode, thats it, its pitched, and then decided on. The people who would actually watch the shows, get NO say. None. So it kind of sucks.

Then in mid May the networks release their fall schedule, new shows, axed shows and returning shows.

Im rather disappointed with Pilots this year. I read up on them all and made a list of the ones I liked, and so far half of them werent picked up. In fact at FOX only one show I liked was picked up (Almost Human, which with my luck will get cancelled) and did not pick up the one I was desperate for (Delirum, WTF?) The CW on the other hand- which is completely different than the other main networks since they gear towards a different generation picked up quite a few that Im happy with (they only axed one I wanted so Ill survive). A run down of the show that didnt get picked up that Im super upset about Reckless (ABC) I was really disapointed on this one, the plot sounded good and I liked the actors, Im also disappointed with The Selection (CW) but its not the end of the world; Delirium (FOX) however, I am absolutely devastated. Im also disappointed with Boomerang (FOX) which had a good plot. Whereas shows like Bloodline (NBC) and The List were passed over the plot was just okay but I was rooting for the actors. 

The 100 (CW)
About a Boy (NBC)
Almost Human (Fox)
American Dream Builders (NBC)
Back in the Game (ABC)
Believe (NBC)
Betrayal (ABC)
Blacklist (NBC)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)
Chicago PD (NBC) 
Crazy Ones (CBS)
Crisis (NBC)
Dads (Fox)
Dracula (NBC)
Enlisted (Fox)
The Family Guide (NBC)
Friends with Better Lives (CBS)
Gang Related (Fox)
The Goldbergs (ABC)
Hostages (CBS)
Intelligence (CBS)
Ironside (NBC)
Junior Masterchef (Fox)
Killer Women (ABC)
Lucky 7 (ABC)
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)
The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)
The Millers (CBS)
The Million Second Quiz (NBC)
Mind Games (ABC)
Mixology (ABC)
Mom (CBS)
Murder Police (Fox)
Night Shift  (NBC)
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC)
The Originals (CW)
Rake (Fox)
Reckless (CBS)
Resurrection (ABC)
Sean Saves the World (NBC)
Sleepy Hollow (Fox)
Star-Crossed (CW)
Super Fun Night  (ABC)
Surviving Jack (Fox)
The Tomorrow People (
Trophy Wife (ABC)
Undateable (NBC)
Us & Them (Fox)
We Are Men (CBS)
Welcome to the Family  (NBC)

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