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Dissever Colee Firman

Dissever by Colee Firman 2.5 Stars 

Synopsis: Addison, Addy, lives in a grand estate with her ailing grandfather and an ancient group of human like people called Akori. As the last living heir  Addy is expected to take over her grandfathers duty as the overseer to the Akori when he dies. But things for Addy become complicated quickly. First, Addy meets Tanner, a human she cant seem to stay away from. Then, the guy she grew up with, an Akori, Gage, starts vying for her attention. And when he grandfather dies, things only get worse and instead of taking over as Overseer, a strange Akori symbol appears on her neck. It’s a mark no human should be able to carry. 

Addy is taken on a journey she never once thought was possible, and discovers deceit and secrets that started hundreds of years ago that shes just starting to uncover.    Betrayed by old friends and leery of new ones—she’s left to cut through the lies and deception to get to the truth.

Overall- Generally, it was a decent book. I really liked the plot of this book. But I felt that the build up was excruciating at times.  The start was not just slow, but painfully slow at times. I dont know if this was done on purpose to set up the other two books, but I found myself frustrated with the writing, as it was overly descriptive with little point at times. I just wanted the book to go somewhere! Now once it did, I was really into it! Too bad it ended with even more questions than answers. Essentially, I feel like I got NO answers and no explanations throughout the book. It was a very confusing book with not enough upfront explanations. 

Characters- I loved Gage, he was sweet, kind and protective ah! He was by far my favorite character. I really enjoyed his relationship with Addy, though Im surprised more didnt happen. (yet another slow build with no resolution!) I liked Addy most of the time, but found her to be oddly trusting of Tanner, with no explanation as to why. Sometimes she was feisty and other times she just seemed to accept everything with no questions. Her moods were all over the place and I couldnt quite figure her out. 

I absolutely hated Jax and Juliette. I disliked the way they treated other people including most of all Addy, given their relationship, it didnt feel right. 

I also didnt really like Tanner, and considering he has a major role in the series, he should have been more likeable. The problem is, partially his description, but also the author made me fall in love with Gage and then seemingly replaces him with Tanner who uses the word "girlie" way too much for a guy. 

To be honest, I didnt really like most of the characters. One of the problems in this book is that too many people are discussed upfront.  Without a true explanation as to who everyone is and why they were there. I couldnt keep straight who everyone was at times because she announced too many people without much background on each person and some of those people werent necessary. (Uncle Josh) 

Plot--(so not to give anything away this may seem cryptic at times, and for that I apologize)

Generally, the plot is great, its the execution that was lacking. It took me 45% to get into this book and even then I kept wondering when it was going to get going. The love story is what kept me interested in the beginning, and I was a little defeated with that, luckily thats when the action picked up. It wasnt until 60% or so through where I was truly vested in the book, in finishing and knowing what happened. Unfortunately I think there are a ton of holes in the book. For one, the prologue is NEVER explained. I still have no clue who was in the prologue. I dont understand why Addy was so trusting of everyone, even after she is betrayed by some of the people closest to her. I also doesnt understand why she is so accepting of the change in events, the lies and secrets everyone kept. Personally, I would be livid, but instead she just sat back and was liked "whatever..." I was annoyed that the Akori were never really explained to me. What is their purpose? Why are they even on Earth? I dont understand, something in the explanation here was really lacking. I am only willing to accept so much, as the reader. 
I was most annoyed though that I was left with too many questions. I dont think ONE thing was resolved during the book, I know the author is trying to pull me into reading the 2nd book, but given the ending, I think having the answers wouldnt have changed my want to read the 2nd book. (which is low, but I might because I want to know what happens, well see if my curiosity gets to me!) Im kind of disappointed, I really wanted to love this book, but I just didnt feel it. 

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