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Never Too Far By Abbi Glines

Never Too Far By Abbi Glines (Too Far Series #2) 4 STARS

Never Too Far (Too Far, #2; Rosemary Beach, #2)Synopsis:He had held a secret that destroyed her world. 
Everything she had known was no longer true. 
Blaire couldn’t stop loving him but she knew she could never forgive him. 
Now, she was back home and learning to live again. Moving on with life… until something happened to send her world spinning once again. 
What do you do when the one person you can never trust again is the one that you need to trust so desperately? 
You lie, hide, avoid, and pray that your sins never find you out.

Overall: I really enjoyed this book! I think its my favorite of the series. Mainly because I think the plot point was perfectly and I really fell in love with Blair and Rush being in love and together. I was rooting for them and for their worlds to turn out properly! I loved every point of this book, it was neither too slow or too fast and it felt like every character and every scene had a purpose. I felt more connected and in line with the characters making the book that much better. I loved falling in love with Rush though, his true feelings came through so much clearer in this book and I fell hard for him.

Rating: PG 13 
Overall: Pretty good!
Characters:  Blair, Rush, Nanette 
Page Turner: No
Series Cont.? Yes
Book Boyfriend: Rush
Genre: New Adult 
Sex Scenes: Yes
Setting - Florida

Plot: This plot was REALLY good and interesting. I absolutely loved that things did not go for Blair the easy way (kind of mean yes but it worked out!) I loved how things twisted in a natural progression kind of way. It may have been somewhat predictable, but I still enjoyed it. The pacing was great, the storyline was wonderfully and beautifully written. I also enjoyed the double POV, Rush and Blair, I loved kowing what Rush was going through and what he was dealing with whenever Blair got the bad end of the deal. I liked watching the characters as they developed though most of all through the circumstances they continued to deal with! Great read.
 photo 91792eab-3022-4f7f-869b-076d93d59fa0_zpsdafdc586.jpg
Blair Aw sweet Blair. She got handed another difficult turn of events and really learned how to deal with what happens when you fall in love. I was happy to go through her thoughts and experiences this time around as this book took her to a new level. I could understand where she was coming from and why she made the choices she was making even when I wasnnt agreeing with them. What makes Blair such a great character though is her heart. She is so sweet and pure, her heart is ice to no one and that is not easy so it was really beautiful to see her support and love go to the people who sometimes werent in her corner.
nick zano - fallen too far
Rush- LOVE HIM. Aw I am so madly in love with Rush!!! He is sexy, hot and damn near intoxicating at times. I like the change we see in him in this book, It was really interesting also to read everything from his point of view. I found myself drawn to him more because I got to know his actual feelings as he lived them. And I loved it!

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Fallen too Far by Abbi Glines

Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines (Too Far Series #1) 3.5 STARS

Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1; Rosemary Beach, #1)Synopsis
She is only nineteen.
She is his new stepfather’s daughter. 
She is still naïve and innocent due to spending the last three years taking care of her sick mother. 
But for twenty-four year old Rush Finlay, she is the only thing that has ever been off limits. His famous father’s guilt money, his mother’s desperation to win his love, and his charm are the three reasons he has never been told no.
Blaire Wynn left her small farmhouse in Alabama, after her mother passed away, to move in with her father and his new wife in their sprawling beach house along the Florida gulf coast. She isn’t prepared for the lifestyle change and she knows she’ll never fit into this world. Then there is her sexy stepbrother who her father leaves her with for the summer while he runs off to Paris with his wife. Rush is as spoiled as he is gorgeous. He is also getting under her skin. She knows he is anything but good for her and that he’ll never be faithful to anyone. He is jaded and has secrets Blaire knows she may never uncover but even knowing all of that…
Blaire just may have fallen too far
Love the passion;)
Overall: Generally speaking I enjoyed reading the book; I really really loved Blair though and she is actually what initially kept me interested in the book. At first, I didnt like Rush, but by the end of the book I was totally infatuated with him too. I was blown away with the ending. Im glad I didnt have to wait because I couldnt believe that the book just ended the way it did, and while not a complete cliffhanger, it still left me wondering WTF?? I immediately began reading the next book, and I was not disappointed. By the end of the book I was in loved with the characters, their interaction with one another and the story line had just intensified and really heated up. I was hooked. So, I did like the book, it was interesting and the characters were appealing, with Blair and Bethy being so incredibly relatable. If you can over look the minor grammar and spelling errors and looking for a sexy romance series with a HEA then this is for you!

Fallen Too Far (Too Far #1) by Abbi Glines   Review:
Overall: Good 
Characters:  Blair, Rush, Bethy
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Book Boyfriend: Rush
Genre: New Adult 
Sex Scenes: Yes
Setting - Florida

Plot: I was somewhat confused by the whole "secret" everyone kept referring to, and am surprised it didnt come out sooner, but it was one that I could accept and seemed well thought out. I was also surprised with the turn of events, I didnt expect things to turn the way they did at the end with Blar and Rush, no part of it! I was so intrigued by this damn secret and how the relationships Blair was making would turn out I couldnt stop reading. And I was not disappointed. This book was sexy, even dirty at times, and it only gets worse over the course of the books! (in a good way). The pace of this novel moves quite nicely, not too slow or too quickly, but as a reader the book seems over way too soon! :-)
 photo f70193c1-1cc5-4887-8965-85601efa25ea_zps7ee6e160.jpg
Blair- Right off the bat I loved Blair. She is by far one of the best characters Ive read in a while. She is sexy, fierce, a lover, a fighter, and I loved her tenacity and her perseverance. I truly loved following her story and learning more about her. I was saddened for her when bad things happened and I wanted so much more for her! But I was so amazed by her ability to move pass all the dfficult things life threw at her. It was quite nice to read. She continued to remain positive and move forward, never giving up on what she wanted and that was most fun to read as it didnt seem out of place, out of character or unattainable or unrealistic. I was a little weirded out with her initial relationship and thoughts of Rush. And that even after seeing Rush having sex with other women she was willing to throw herself at him, it didnt seem to fit her personality. I admit I kept wanting Blair to get involved with the other guys like Woods or Grant. But in the end Im glad with the way things worked out!

nick zano - fallen too far
Nick Zano
Rush --Im not so sure I liked Rush in this book so much. I found his character to be so mean to Blair, especially in the beginning (even though now I somewhat understand why he was like that.) By the end of the book, I did like him more....but I was unsure of whether I really liked him, but I knew I wanted Blair happy. I do think he is a sexy guy, with a lot of experience, and it was interesting to watch him as his world became more about Blair. From a guy who had never remained faithful to one girl to finding the girl, and how he balanced that and reacted was definitely interesting. Even though cheating isnt involved in this book, I found his emotional issues interesting.

Bethy- I liked Bethy, even though she was a little slutty, she was funny and quite the catch! I liked that she was immediately drawn to Blair to be her friend! And they seemed to get a long really well. Bethy also worked because Blair needed a strong female friend that was not awkwardly placed throughout the book and in this series she fit in perfectly.

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Secret of Ella and Micha

Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorenson 4 STARS

The Secret of Ella and Micha (The Secret, #1)
Ella and Micha have been best friends since they were kids. But one tragic night shatters their friendship and their lives forever.
Ella used to be a rule-breaker with fiery attitude who wore her heart on her sleeve. But she left everything behind when she went to college and transformed into someone that follows the rules, keeps everything together, and hides all her problems. But now it's summer break and she has nowhere else to go but home. 
Ella fears everything she worked so hard to bury might resurface, especially with Micha living right next door. If Micha tries to tempt the old her back, she knows that it will be hard to resist.
Micha is sexy, smart, confident, and can get under Ella’s skin like no one else can. He knows everything about her, including her darkest secrets. And he’s determined to bring his best friend, and the girl he loves back, no matter what it takes. 

Wow. What a whirlwind! I loved this book. Jessica Sorenson is an amazing writer! I truly felt like I was a fly on the wall experiencing these characters emotions and journey. I absolutely loved Ella and Micha and it was easy to relate to both of them in so many ways.

This is a story about two people who have been best friends since they can remember and touch each others lives in ways they never could have imagined. Ella and Micha is told in alternating POV's and is beautifully interwoven, not only does the story flow, but each character develops in their own personal way. I love the chemistry between Ella and Micha which is apparent from the beginning. Both Ella and Micha are damaged in their own way, trying to heal, but they also care deeply for each other and are afraid of what their past and these emotions would do to their friendship. Micha is willing to take the leap. Ella is timid, and scared. 

The author did a really great job of making an amazing connection to these characters throughout the book, not only in the dual POV but also by maintaing a level of mystery and intrigue. Pulling back the pieces of this story, layer by layer, like an onion, without making me beg for it to be over was truly amazing. I loved that I was able to become completely absorbed into these characters, this story their feelings, thoughts behaviors, I was hooked from beginning to end. 

I am in love with Micha. His love for Ella is overwhelming and breathtakingly beautiful. The unconditional love he has for her is brilliant. It feels raw and sincere without coming off as awkward, or unrealistic. 

descriptionElla, is so easy to relate to. Its easy to see pain, and want to pretend to be someone else, to start all over. But those who loved us before always see through that facade, which is exactly why Ella stayed away for so long. But, as usual, Micha manages to pull Ella out of her act and show her true colors. 

I agree with many of the other reviewers out there, that there are other books like this out there. I can name five off the top of my head, angsty, broken people, fighting for the love of their love. But heres the thing, I DONT CARE. I love all these books because they pull at my heart strings, they remind me of the true love that can overcome the pain in life. And Im reminded that sometimes things really do work out. Ella and Micha are definitely another reminder that sometimes, we have to fight the evil in our lives to get to the beauty. 

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Collide by Shelly Crane

Collide by Shelly Crane (1st in Series) 2.5 STARS

Collide (Collide, #1)
Synopsis-Sherry has always known there was something out there. She's eighteen, works for a tabloid newspaper in Chicago and has a brother, Danny who is a lazy mooch. They live a pretty normal dull life with hippie parents and a normal existence. Then the moon dissapears and people start to go missing only to reappear later, but different. Sherry has an abusive ex-boyfriend who shows up and claims to be one of these beings that have been showing up around the world. He's no longer the same person in that body. He tells her he has come to protect her and her brother and takes her underground, against her will to save her, where they meet others like them. She begins to unravel the truth about Merrick, about what he's really doing here, about the way he looks at her, about the crazy dangerous world they live in. Can he convince her that he's here to help? Will she like what she finds when she opens up to the truth? Will he be the one to love her when everyone else has failed her? Will he be able to protect her?

.“I know you deserve to be happy. I know you deserve someone… better, but I’m selfish. I want you. I want you bad enough to try and be someone better.” Caleb, Epiloge, the Dark Triloigy #3, CJ RobertsCover- intriguing
Rating: PG - 13
Overall: Eh, decent read 
Characters:  Danny, Celeste, Sherry, Merrick 
Page Turner: Sometimes
Series Cont.? Yes
Recommend if You Like...
Book Boyfriend: Merrick
Genre: New Adult /Science Fiction/ Dystopian
Sex Scenes: Yes
Setting - America?

Overall--The general idea of this book is really gripping and interesting, which is what kept me reading and finishing this book. First off, the book was really slow. Unbearably so at times. I understand that sometimes the mundane needs to occur to move a book along but at times I found certain scenes to be utterly pointless. I kept with this book though because the author had rave reviews and the book had good reviews from people I follow. But maybe it was just me, I just wasn't that into this book, and honestly have no interest in continuing the read. The book was LONG. And considering I wasn't completely enthralled in this one, I cut my losses.
On the good side. I LOVED Merrick. I think he was the saving grace. And really, I actually really liked the plot (though after reading the covers for the other books it seems I may not like the others…). I think this was a new and different point of view on the whole "alien" thing. I even liked the world building, and mystery that the author wove into the story. I think at the end of the day, my issue with the book was that for as long as it was, not enough happened in action. It felt too slow and the relationship tension felt awkward at times. (I don't get why every guy has to like Sherry?) I was hoping for more, and I think thats what got me. I wanted Sherry to be special. I wanted more Danny and Celeste, and I wanted to know more. But by the end of the book I felt a little cheated, I spent a lot of time reading this very long book yet I wasn't satisfied with it (which reminds me of Beautiful Creatures.) I will read more Shelly Crane, because I think she has a really unique take on stories, giving old plots new twists, and hopefully they will be better than this one.

The plot is really what kept me interested in this one. I was fascinated with the storyline. And honestly still am. I think its REALLY interesting. Which is why I really really wanted to like this book. But I just didn't. The plot felt like it was moving so incredibly slowly. I feel like I could have skipped several chapters and still not have missed anything. I wanted more action too. I felt that there was plenty of mystery but not much action or adventure. It reminded me of the M. Night Shyamalan's movies. I think the movement that did occur, and the development was interesting, don't get me wrong I liked it, but it was just too slow. I also liked the development of Sherry and her role, though I wish she would have been more important. One of the biggest downsides for me, was that at times I felt there were too many characters introduced so frequently that I couldn't remember who was who anymore. I actually stopped trying/caring after a while.
Okay, now that Im done ranting, I want to mention that the author did some really creative and imaginative things in this book to take it to the next level. I was really impressed with the "angel"/"alien" story and the idea of "the following" I liked that we started off in a normal today world and we got to witness the beginning of the end. I liked the different ways in which the group found a way to hide and protect themselves and I thought the bad guys and their ways were different, intriguing. So there were a lot of good things in there too! The romance in this book is what seemed to drive this book though. And I felt their romance continue to play on repeat. Their tension and chemistry was already interesting, I think at times the author took it too far, and could have left it where things were at times (for instance the jealousy issues between Merrick and Sherry, every guy wanting to be with Sherry…)

Sherry - Emmy Rossum
Sherry- I like Sherry, but I also found her to be annoying. Considering she was the main character I should have really liked her and been rooting for her, but sometimes I just wanted her to shut up. I felt like she didn't deserve Merrick most of the time. He was so good to her, but I couldn't figure out why she deserved him, what did she ever do? In general though she was likable. I just had some issues with her, as a character. For instance, the lying thing, whats with that? And why do all the guys seem to fall in love with her? But most specifically, what is her purpose in the book aside from a love interest for Merrick. It felt like this book was about Merrick but from Sherrys point of view. I frequently felt out of the loop and confused, much like Sherry. I just wanted more from her and her role in the book.

Merrick--LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! He is such a great guy. From the beginning it is easy to see the difference between Merrick and Sherry's ex. And I like that it doesn't take her long to figure it out too. I love their story. Their tension was real and the chemistry was palpable. Merrick is what really made this book for me. He was such a great guy. He reminded me of Daniel from Fallen.

Hunter Garner
Danny- Hunter Parrish
Danny- I would have loved to have seen more of Danny. He seemed like he was growing over time, but by the end of the book I don't think I got to see as much of him as we did in the beginning. I would have love to get to know him and see his relationship with Celeste grow. It was obvious that he and Sherry had an interesting relationship, but at times the focus was so much so on Merrick and Sherry that it seems we missed out on Danny (who's the actual charge that Merrick is supposed to protect!)

Celeste- I liked Celeste, even though I got to know her the least, I felt like I was able to see her begin to grow and develop over the novel. At the beginning she was naive and innocent, young, but by the end she was in love and showed her strength. She become more than a charge.

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RockStar Trilogy by Mercy Amare

RockStar Trilogy by Mercy Amare - 3.5 STAR (Overall) 

Jaded Book 1 - 4 STARS 

Jaded (Rock Star, #1)SynopsisI'm Scarlett Ryan.
Yes, THAT Scarlett Ryan.
I live an extraordinary life: millionaire rock star, owner of exotic cars, pictures of me in every magazine, millions of fans, and a name that is recognized world wide. It's supposed to be my dream come true. But, my life IS a fantasy, and I want real. I want exciting. I want... NORMAL. So, I moved from California to Florida, hoping to obtain some normalcy. Instead I find...
Stephan Montgomery.
He's an arrogant jerk. Seriously, I hate him. I swear if he tells me one more blonde joke, I will punch him... again... Unfortunately I can't stop thinking about him, or his gorgeous green eyes. Trust me, I know that he's bad for me. If only my heart would listen.
I also find out that my parents have kept a LIFE CHANGING secret from me. I need to know the truth.
The harder I strive for normal, the stranger things seem to get.

Faded (Rock Star, #2)Faded Book 2- 3.5 STARS

Synopsis--I left Hope – the only place I’ve ever felt at home. So now what? Where do I go from here?
When I left, I didn’t just leave my home. I left my friends, my sisters, and Stephan… I just found them. I can’t lose them now.
I know that I want to do MY music. I need to remember WHY I wanted to play music in the first place. And the only way to get that is by firing my dad, but that may be harder than I thought. 
On top of everything, I now have cameras following me around everywhere. Even my own home isn’t safe anymore. 
I’ve come to realize that normal will never be an option for me.

Hated Book 3 - 3 STARS 

Hated (Rock Star, #3)Synopsis (This synopsis has been revised so not to give anything away)
Everything in my life is perfect... But the problem with perfection is that eventually everything falls apart. And my whole life is crumbling around me — piece by piece. 
I am just trying to get through the next few months with my sanity intact, but that seems like an impossible feat...
I thought I knew the truth about everything, but I was wrong. Secrets that weren’t supposed to come out are now being discovered. Secrets about my biological father… Even Bridgett is keeping a secret… Something big. I have to know what, even if it means running away again.
I tried for normal — now I know that there is nothing normal about being a rock star

* Since these books were fairly "short", and all out, instead of doing three reviews, Im doing one larger one. I will not post ANY spoilers, aside from informing you that the characters introduced in book 1 remain throughout.

rock star trilogy scarlett -Overall-
I really enjoyed this series a lot. It was not one of those series' where I am a die hard fan and MUST read the next, but this kept me intrigued and entertained. Each book is a fairly easy and quick read. They all follow Scarlett a pop-rock starlett. Scarlett, in an attempt to escape her chaotic and frustrating life leaves hollywood and heads to florida for some personal time off, to finish high school on her own terms. But when she gets there, its not as easy as she thought it would be to find some friends and stay out of the news. All three books follow Scarlett and her ups and downs after her big move to Florida. What happens is a bit more than she bargained for, but is a fun ride with new friends, new love, a new family and a new album!

I actually really loved Books 1 and 2, but I was not happy with the ending of Book 3, the ending needed to be rounded out a bit more considering the other two books. I loved Stephen and Ethan, they were quite the duo! Scarlett had a bit of a crazy personality. It took me a while to really get invested into her and the book to be honest. But the more I read the more interested I became. And soon enough I found myself really liking the book and its characters. Scarlett was back and forth on so many things, and I was little annoyed with the family surprise, because it seemed all a little too easy and obvious.

ethan rock star trilogy
The books themselves tend to be pretty upbeat, in my opinion, with some hard life choices, decisions and problems thrown in there but nothing life shattering (life altering maybe). It reminded me of Fallen Too Far at times with a lot of family drama, but in the end the series was truly enjoyable. I recommend it for anyone looking a for a quick series that isnt a downer. There are a few areas where the book becomes very serious, and unfortunately for me, in those situations, the outcome  was a little too easy and a little too out there.

Admittedly, there were definitely times where I was annoyed or frustrated with the books. At times, things went too far (The bickering between Alex and her sister went too far) and there were times that I was happy we didnt have to wait for the other shoe to drop (the bomb about marriage) Rather, these books focused on how the characters dealt with the issues rather than hiding the issues and dealing with the fall out and I appreciate that. I dont always want to live in the dark, waiting for the OMG moment to come.

The writing style isnt anything glamorous, remember this is a pretty easy and quick read, so its nothing over the top and fancy. I found myself falling into the world fairly easily though because of the genre which is typically plastered all over the place anyway. (the pop world) Overall It was good read but nothing overly special


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Starkissed Lizzy Ford

Starkissed by Lizzy Ford - 3 STARS

Sci-Fi romance now available.Synopsis
When Mandy loses her job, she thinks she’s hit rock bottom – until her plane is swallowed by a strange storm that sends her and everyone else on board 10,000 years into the future. At first, she thinks the scary world is nothing more than a bad dream. The war-torn Earth is unrecognizable. Black fog blocks the sun, and the oceans are dry. Even worse: the planet is inhabited by half-human, half-alien creatures dying from a mysterious disease. Horrified at the thought of spending her life here, she clings to the knowledge that there’s one man who can open the star gate to send her home. 
As the Naki prince who controls the star gate, Akkadi gets first choice of any human female that makes her way through the star gate. Only by breeding with purebred humans from the past can his race hope to remain immune to the disease and hopefully, develop an eventual cure. With shrinking resources and a raging battle for the human planet, dutiful, commanding Akkadi is less than thrilled at the idea of trying to figure out Mandy, a woman he views as wild with neither discipline nor respect for someone in his position. He’s ready to write her off, when she offers him something too tempting to resist: her body for the chance to convince him by any means possible to send her home. Neither intends for the arrangement to be permanent or to fall for the other. Only when Mandy learns Akkadi’s secret and walks away does he realize he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her – even if it means losing his war.

Overall- Im not sure where to begin with this one.  I REALLY liked this book overall. In fact, I read it in one day. I was drawn into the book by mere intrigue. The plot is so very different from anything Ive ever read. It had dystopian elements, lots of love, lots of angst, lots of sci-fi, and some action and adventure. A lot of great elements right?! And frankly I dont think the author did anything "wrong" it ended perfectly, there was enough of every aspect for me. What I didnt like was that I felt very confused about the world that the characters lived in throughout the book. By the end, I got it, and I was there. But it took me a while before I figured out the world building. This book in general though was extremely interesting with lots of twists. When I finished, I was very satisfied, the ending was perfect. I admit, I was not expecting certain aspects of this book. For one, there are sex scenes and sexual content through out. And there is also discussion regarding to race. (I put this in because I think readers should be aware of what they're getting into, while I do not see this book as a racial book in any way, one should be aware that the book may make references to a race being the best, but I do not in any way thing this was intentional or its purpose, this book reminds me more of the movie Avatar.)
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley | Glamorous Blonde Hair
Cover- pretty
Rating: R
Overall: An interesting angsty sci-fi SA read!
Characters:  Mandy, Akkadi
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? No
Book Boyfriend: None?
Genre: New Adult Science Fiction 
Sex Scenes: Yes
Setting- Outer Space 

Plot-This book threw me for a loop. I was not expecting any of this! It was quite the pleasant surprise. Confusing at times, but overall pretty good! I think what needed more work was the world building, I was not quite sold on the where. The planet and space ship settings were confusing, and I couldn't tell sometimes where the characters were. At times I also felt confused as to who was who when I probably shouldn't have been confused. There were a lot of things I liked. I liked that the author made it easy to follow along with the plot (which seems counter to what I say above, however I disagree, the plot/story line differ from the setting, I found the setting confusing not the plot). The pacing and style was really great, never a dull moment. I also really liked the dual point of view, and I think that Akkadi's perspective was dead on for a guy. His thought process and word choice even felt more male like. I liked that I was able to see the different characters develop and grow throughout the novel. 
Mandy--Poor Mandy. When the book first starts I saw her as weak, annoying, and naive, somewhat princess like (in that she always gets what she wants when she whines kind of way, and used to having things handed to her). And she was. And in a weird way, I liked that she was getting what she deserved. Okay maybe not that far. But still. I was intrigued. Through the course of the book though I found myself really liking her. She stood up for what she believed and wanted, no matter the consequences. She was passionate and loving. She didn't allow fear to get in the way of her strength. I found her to be quite the character and I was most definitely rooting for her by the end of the book! 

Akkadi--In the beginning I wasn't sure what to think about him. I was in his head but didn't really understand his ways or his reasons. Which was kind of the point. And it worked. And I liked it. He was so interesting! I loved reading his POV because I always got answers! He was so shielded that the only way to understand was to be in his head, and once I was I felt as though I could really understand his ways and his reasons. I like that at first he is level headed with a one track mind, ruling his "kingdom" and that over the course of the book he learns to open his eyes and his heart. He goes from a man people feared to a man people look up to, and I like that characterization much better! Watching his development though was really fun and interesting. 

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Salvation by Noelle Adams 4 STARS

SalvationSynopsis--You get to the point where you can just say it. There was never anything special about me, except my father is rich and important. That's why it happened.
It was just a normal Tuesday afternoon. I was twenty-three and thinking about my new designer boots. They kidnapped me for ransom. They raped me before I was rescued. My therapist says that talking about it means I'm starting to heal.
I don't really think I am.
It's even harder to talk about Gideon. He couldn’t save me when it really mattered, so he keeps trying to save me now. He refuses to give up on me, and I can’t make him understand. There are some things you just can’t be saved from.
Warning: Salvation is a love story that follows a difficult path of healing after sexual assault. It is a true contemporary romance, but it addresses very hard issues, including rape and attempted suicide. Please consider whether this book is for you.

* Netgalley provided a copy in exchange for a review.

Overall: Pretty and Alluring
Characters: Diana and Gideon
Page Turner: Not in the action packed way 
Series Cont.? No
Recommend if You LikeAlmost, Going Under, 
Book Boyfriend: Gideon
Genre: New Adult 
Sex Scenes: Yes
Shawn Ashmore as Gideon

This book was really very interesting and quite a different take on the genre, which I can appreciate. Salvation was a quick read, but not an easy one. Diana has a very heavy heart, and the way she deals with her rape and kidnapping is nothing idyllic. Instead this book shows us the very raw, genuine and real emotional and physical effects that rape has on someone. Someone once normal, and no one "special." This story though, told from Diana's point of view is more than just the aftermath of a rape. Its about a woman coming back from it, finding herself, learning not to live with what happened but to move past it and possibly find love again. 

The book focuses primarily on Diana and her relationship with Gideon as she begins to deal with her rape. Perhaps "deal" is not the right word though. She does not deal very well, and begins a downward spiral once released from the hospital. Her savior is really Gideon, the FBI agent who was with her when she was raped. Even though Gideon feels guilty for not being able to stop what happened, I believe he is actually what saved her in the end (in more than one way). His advice to her may have been what helped her. Gideon and Diana's relationship starts off slowly, but it builds deeply throughout the book. This relationship saves them both in different ways but both lead them back to each other time and time again. At times I have to wonder if their relationship is unhealthy or the best thing to happen to either one of them. But love has many ways of showing itself. The love Gideon has for Diana is truly unbelievable and very heart warming. 
Christa B. Allen - Google Search
Christa B Allen as Diana

One of the things I appreciated about this book, is that it is not erotica, it doesn't depict the sexual assault in a graphic manner or describe it much at all for that matter.  The event is mentioned, and briefly described but not in any sort of sexual manner. This book focuses instead on the after events. Truly showcasing the struggles that a woman can go through. Unfortunately most do not have their hero, as Diana had here, Gideon. Someone who unconditionally loves and is willing to do anything to help the woman whom he went through a drastic event with. 

What I didn't like: 

The writing sometimes which seemed like it was a little more like a diary and less of a story. 
The story was TOO focused on just Gideon and Diana, it seemed like they were the only aspect of the story. Not much about her family was provided and her friends were barely in the story. 
Lastly, I struggled throughout the book as to whether I liked Gideon, was he doing this because he felt guilty, or out of obligation, or did he really care for her? And Diana, I found her downward spiral to be weird and awkward at times. Not to mention the relationship was not conventional, and Im surprised that her therapist never once mentioned this. I also disliked Gideon's strong dislike for Diana's father and his money. It was weird that it was brought up in pieces and then never discussed that much. 

In the end though I liked the book and feel that its a real gem. I look forward to reading more from this author. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Altered by Jennifer Rush- 4.5 STARS 

Altered (Altered, #1)Synopsis When you can’t trust yourself, who can you believe?
Everything about Anna’s life is a secret. Her father works for the Branch at the helm of its latest project: monitoring and administering treatments to the four genetically altered boys in the lab below their farmhouse. There’s Nick, Cas, Trev . . . and Sam, who’s stolen Anna’s heart. When the Branch decides it’s time to take the boys, Sam stages an escape, killing the agents sent to retrieve them. 
Anna is torn between following Sam or staying behind in the safety of her everyday life. But her father pushes her to flee, making Sam promise to keep her away from the Branch, at all costs. There’s just one problem. Sam and the boys don’t remember anything before living in the lab—not even their true identities.
Now on the run, Anna soon discovers that she and Sam are connected in more ways than either of them expected. And if they’re both going to survive, they must piece together the clues of their past before the Branch catches up to them and steals it all away.
I absolutely without a shadow of doubt LOVED this book. I REALLY cannot tell you how much I fell in love with this book and its characters. It is now one of my favorite books of all time. This book has it all, mystery, action, adventure, romance, twists and turns, surprises.This was a well written science fiction romance story.

altered tattooThe story starts off a little slow, introducing us to the different characters, and their relationship with one another, as well as the underlying plot of the book. Its easy to tell that something is "off" about this story, (I mean who doesnt think its weird to keep 4 young men locked in glass cages?!) but its easy to get sucked into this story too. Anna's narrative was beautifully written, Its not only her story, but her thoughts, which feel so natural and genuine. It was easy to see why she loves Sam too. He is protective of those he cares about, loyal, and understanding. His connection with Anna and the boys in intriguing and the more pieces that I learned the more I had to keep reading, to find out the truth, the ending, the purpose.

 The overall plot was really woven together quite nicely. The minute details that the author leaves as clues throughout the book were done with such care, and yet inexplicably they fall together perfectly, if one werent paying close attention you may not notice those so important details. The author captured the science fiction, mystery adventure and romance genre- in the young adult field, beautifully and perfectly in my opinion.
I simply could not wait to delve in to the next book.

This  story seems simple, but the pieces of the mystery that we have to unfold, bit by bit are so intriguing, that I was sucked in completely. I couldnt stop reading until I knew the truth. I was consumed and fascinated with this story.

Anna (Brittany Robertson)
Britt Robertson as Anna
Im amazed at Jennifer Rush's ability to construct such a beautiful story with so many pieces, and twists throughout, without losing your character or your reader along the way.

Anna is a quite the protagonist. She is shy, yet strong, and above all else, she believes that her perseverance and her love for Sam will prevail in the end. She is thrown into an unbelievable situation (on many levels) yet her character is easy to relate to, and through the course of her journey with these four boys, its clear that her character develops. Not only does Anna generate relationships with these boys, but she comes to understand them and relate to them on a level all of her own.

I loved the different boys, Sam, Cas, Nick and Trev, all for different reasons. Jennifer Rush managed to create individual personalities for each of them without losing their voice or confusing them (or the reader) the were each individuals and yet a group which was really interesting to watch unfold. The way the group worked together, was the most intriguing. The whole time I felt like this could be such a great TV series or movie.
Chris Zylka - Cas Altered
Cas- Chris Zylka
Sam (Henry Cavill) ~ Altered by Jennifer Rush
Henry Cavill
Nick (Sean O'Pry) ~ Altered by Jennifer Rush
Sean O'Pry
chace crawford - Trev Altered
Trev- Chase Crawford 

I docked this book 1/2 a star mainly because there were a few loose ends that I felt were not wrapped up, or were strange. Specifically, what stands out the most is the betrayal, which should have been explicitly clear when the last clue was figured out, and yet somehow it was missed completely until the moment it was upon them. Their ignorance at this and a few other betrayal clues, which seemed obvious by this last one, were out of character for Anna and the group, and I think the story could have continued without it occurring later, and would have been better with figuring it out at the time I did. However, I think the fact that the author managed to capture so many small plot points, clues and different personality and characters into such a fantastic novel is an amazing feat all itself.