Sunday, March 24, 2013

TV Finales and Cancellations

Finales 3/24/2013

Its the end of March, which means some shows are starting to wind down, finales are coming and in May, all the broadcast stations have announce which shows will be staying and which shows they are canceling. If you have read recent posts, I follow this stuff pretty closely. (if you too are interested in following, tv guide is a good place to look as is

Recently, the Pretty Little Liars, Lying Game, Continuum and Deception Shows all had their season finales. (PLL and LG are on abcfamily and are my guilty pleasures!) Ill give quick reviews of those and a full review on Continuum and Deception.

Pretty Little Liars

I think the finale was pretty good, but Im getting frustrated with all the games. I realize its a tv show and they have to keep the show going, but I wish we could figure out who the hell A is! At this point (and at my age!) Im about ready to give up on these girls. I may not watch next season, it doesnt seem like we are learning enough if anything if 3 seasons. Im thinking they should do a fade out, ending the series with finality. (Unlike Chloe King and Jane by Design) I love the actresses, and I enjoyed the show, especially Mr. Fitz, but I am just ready for it to be over, much like I was with One Tree Hill. Though I will say, Aria and Fitz breaking up was not something I thought would happen, and the ending where Jenna tries to get back at the girls was also  not expected since she hasnt been in this season much. Where can the show really go though?

Lying Game

OMG. I love this show. This show unlike PLL, has something drastic happen every week, like Revenge, and it keeps me interest (for how long Im not sure...) I really love the main character and the sister A LOT. This show always keeps me guessing and trying to figure everything out. I must say, I saw the ending coming (parts of it) I did not see death coming, but I did see that Thayer was not as good as he appeared to be (sucks to be Emma) and I was expecting Ethan and Emma to make everything better...instead he and Sutton seem to be getting closer. Im really glad that Sutton and Emma are close again though and that Ted is involved with them. I cant wait to see if Kristen finds out, and what she does!! I will say however, like Pretty Little Liars, this show can only go on for so long before I get sick of never getting closure.


This show is likely not going to be coming back next season though NBC has not actually specified such. I wont be surprised either way. While I didnt love this show, I didnt hate it either. Similiar to the above shows, this type of plot requires something major to happen pretty much every week, yet at the same time, if you reveal too much, the show would end, so the writers pull and twist you along (Think Lost). At first I really liked this show, then I lost interest, then I liked it again, and so it went the whole season. I loved the male actors. Tate Donovan, and Victor Garber are amazing actors (Alias and Damages!!) but their talents were not put to good use in this show. Meagan Goode was terrible. I liked the plot, and thought it was interesting. And I think the show did a decent job of moving the plot and providing enough information each week without giving it away. The ending was surprising, and Im not entirely sure what even happened. I mean I obviously do, similar to the finale on missing, another incident occurs in order to keep all the same people and characters involved next season, if there is a next season. But I am certain, if there is a next season, which is HIGHLY unlikely, theres no way they could make 22 or 24 episodes out of the cliffhanger and if they did, I wouldnt watch.

OMG OMG OMG. I cant even begin to tell you how in love with this show I am. I freaking love this show. Its a sci-fi show about people coming back from the future. (thats the brief synopsis) And I saw a preview one day and decided sure Ill watch it on demand I have nothing better to do. And I ended up watching 6 more episodes!!! I was hooked. This is the first season and I am sure it will be back for another. Each week there is plenty of Action and plenty of drama and secrets, revealed to the audience. I am so obsessed with this show. It is such a good story!!! The season finale for this show did not disappoint! I was left shocked, with more questions, and excited at the prospect of a new season!!! This is a must watch show for anyone remotely interested in sci-fi with lots of action!

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