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Blue Violet by Abigail Owen

Blue Violet (Svatura, #1)

Blue Violet by Abigail Owen 3.5 Stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:
When Ellie Aubrey leaves her only remaining family and moves to Colorado, she knows she's risking her life. But she can't ignore the possibility of what she might find there. What she didn't expect to encounter was a bewildering connection to one smolderingly sexy Alex Jenner. But when Ellie's worst nightmare comes true and threatens to destroy everything she holds dear, she must fight to save those she loves most. Even if it means sacrificing herself by revealing a terrible truth... sometimes not all monsters are make believe.

Genre: YA Paranomal Fantasy Romance Novel
Cover: Pretty but not amazing
Rating: PG
Overall: interesting 
Characters: The main characters were likable and well developed. 
Plot: Interesting (paranormal romance)
Page Turner: At times
Series Cont.?  Yes
Recommend: Yes
Book Boyfriend:  Griffin and Alex 
Characters: Alex, Griffin, Ellie....
Sex Scenes: None
Setting: Colorado Mountains 

Overall Review- Overall I enjoyed this book as a quick and interesting read, but I wasnt completely captivated and in love while reading this book. While interesting, I found parts to be in conflict with each other. Additionally, the beginning is extremely confusing with the introduction of too people at one time with not enough explanation.  This book was overall well written (Grammatically and spelling wise) and the author certainly is imaginative. This book is VERY similar to Reckless Magic by Rebecca Higginson (which I LOVED) and reminds me of Talented by Sophie Davis (also loved!). If you like magical books this book is for you. I am glad I read the book, and I Will be reading the next ones. Also, I really liked the fact that the book had finality to it. While the series does continue, the characters and the books move forward the ending of this book wasnt a cliff hanger that left me wondering OMG...which I really appreciate. I hate books like that. 

The reason the book only got 3.5 instead of more is because of the conflicting information and confusing character issues the I couldnt get past. 

Full Review-- 
Ellie? Jessica Lowndes
Plot--The overall plot was well thought out and quite imaginative. I enjoyed that the author took time to develop the relationships, the powers, the people, the purpose of the book was not the overall book, but instead the book built up to the end, which I enjoy more than the constant fighting that occurs in some books. I think the author did a great job of explaining and describing everything that was going on. It took me a little while to get used to the different perspectives that she used, but it was easy to follow, unlike it some books where its difficult to tell whos talking/thinking, here since it wasnt in first person it was easier to follow. The author was imaginative in the powers that people had too, I havent seen or heard of some of these powers which kept me interested. The ending was great though! I loved that it ended with closure but opened a door for more stories to come!

Characters ---
Alex- Jensen Ackles
I think overall the characters were well developed. Well...The main characters. :-) Since most of the story was from Ellies perspective she was the most developed. I liked her. She was confident and kind, but interesting and strong. She knew who she was and that didnt scare her. One of the things that can be annoying in a book is an initially weak heroine, but the author here used the strength of the heroine to instill strength in the later characters who needed it, which I think worked well in this scenario. 

I think the characters relationship built well over time.  No relationship was immediate and perfect. Even Alex and Ellie got to know each other before everything. And "watching " relationships be built instead of simply existing is appreciating especially when built over the length of a year. 

What I didnt like however was that too many characters were introduced at one time without enough of an explanation to understand who everyone was and where they came from. Also, the author continued to confuse LAW SCHOOL and COLLEGE for Alex. I realize this is the end all be all, but it was extremely frustrating and annoying because at first we dont know how old he is "supposed" to be.  I also wish we would have gotten to know more about Nate and Griffin. I enjoyed their characters a lot, but would have liked to know more about them. (Griffin's story is the basis of the next book so I expect I will learn all I want there but its not the same) 

I am looking forward to the next book, but dont think Ill be rushing to go get it, more of when I get around to it Ill read it, simply because I have too many other books that I love on my To-Read List. But I dont think that says anything about the author or her ability to write. 

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