Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Obsessed with TV Shows

I'm somewhat of a TV Junkie. In fact I'm told I watch too many TV Shows and my dvr is always full. Its somewhat problematic, but I cant help it. I've always been this way too, ever since I was a kid. Which I recognize is weird and says basically nothing about my life. (Okay maybe I'm boring? Which is occasionally true). I also check cancellations regularly. Usually because my favorite new shows are always cancelled. (i.e. Mob Dr.)  Now, I'm also told that Im simply not picky enough in what I watch, the problem is, that some of the shows I watch, I started watching when I was younger and going through a different phase in my life and simply watch it because I feel the need to know how the show will end (ie One Tree Hill and 90210). Other shows I watch as a guilty pleasure, meaning I like the show, and hate to admit it (ie Hart of Dixie).

Currently I cannot go through the week without watching these shows:
Lying Game
The Following
Vampire Diaries
Big Brother
Rookie Blue
Major Crimes

Shows I Watch because I started and cant stop or shows that I like but arent DYING to watch each week
Once Upon A Time
Falling Skies
Top Model
Body of Proof
Covert Affairs
Pretty Little Liars
Red Widow
Top Chef

There are some other shows that I watch when bored but wouldnt mind never seeing them again.
As you can see, I watch too many shows. And while some of the shows listed are summer shows, and not everything is one during the same season, its still a lot. I don't know how I keep track of everything. Oh wait yes I do. Every season I make a list of shows, a calendar if you will that details the date the show starts and the time and day of each show. I know super lame, I dont need a reminder. ;-)

I thoroughly enjoy TV shows, but I absolutely hate when I show "ends" without an ending. There are certain shows where its just not fair to cancel the series without a finale episode to finish out the show. Those types of cancellations really frustrate me. Such as Flashforward, possibly one of my all time favorite shows that was cancelled after one season. (Along with The Event, and Lipstick Jungle) Even worse yet are shows that had been on the air for a while and then just drop like Heroes. I appreciate when they do the final episodes like Fringe, Lost and One Tree Hill because Im the type of watcher that requires closure.

I wish that the TV show producers or whomever is making these decisions would ask for feedback from people online. Over the years, with Hulu, netflix and DVR being more popular I think that the TV producers are taking these avenues into account for why live numbers may be down, but I am still annoyed when I love a show and it is cancelled, but maybe thats just me.

Right now, Im already disappointed Zero Hour got cancelled after just 3 episodes, however I must admit, their casting was terrible, I liked the plot and the characters were acceptable but seriously whoever though Anthony Edward made a good leading man in this show was delusional. I could say similar things about Revolution, except that show is still on and their casting was good enough to survive the first cut, but the main girl is annoying.

Im watching Red Widow, but havent decided on whether I like the show or not, the woman Marta isnt my favorite, but the premise is intriguing so Ill likely stick with it.

I gave up on the Americans, which is unusual, I almost never give up on a show, especially when I love an actress as much as I do Keri Russel (ah Felicity)  but after three episodes I couldnt get into the show. The plot intrigued me, but the show seemed to move at a snail speed, and for a TV show it was too slow moving.

There are a few other shows Im unsure of, such as Deception, which I really want to lik,e because I love Tate Donovan (Damages!!!) and Victor Garber (Alias), but the main girl, Meagan Goode, just isnt doing it for me. Also, Im watching Cult on theCW mainly because the main guy is from Vampire Diaries, problem is that the show is somewhat hard to follow, and superbly bizarre (which I do realize is the point) but I do not know that its a show Ill really be in to, so its on my maybe list.

Thats all I have for now on this. But Ill post more on the shows as the shows progress, seasons end etc. What are you fave shows?

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