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Waiting for You - Shey Stahl Book Review

Here is my first book review on this Blog! 

Book Review 3/2/13
Waiting For You by   3.5 Stars

 Overall I enjoyed this book and I think a lot of other people who like the chick-lit/contemporary romance novels will too. This book is about a guy and a girl who head out on a road-trip after graduating from high-school. Catch is, that they havent been friends or spoken in almost 10 years, and the trip wasnt planned, but Bailey (The main character) needed an escape from her cookie cutter life as the mayors daughter in a small town. (thats the basics, I dont like spending time on this part because I assume you read the synopsis before getting to this review, but maybe not) 

I will start off by saying if you are one that absolutely abhors grammatical errors or spelling problems, then move on from this book because the book needs some obvious editing. (no offense to the author intended). Overall, I like the perspective/point of view from the main heroine. I did not like that randomly a chapter would be in Dylan's perspective (the main boy and love interest). I also was not a huge fan of the ending, I thought it ended somewhat abruptly, and could have used even an extra paragraph or two to make it feel finished. It was obvious, to me at least, what the secret that Dylan was keeping from Bailey was. I would say more about it, but I dont want to ruin it, I think the secret is good but Im perplexed as to how something like that is truly possible, maybe its the lawyer in me. Another weird thing, though I guess it makes sense give the secret issue, is how can Dylan get away with so much!? 

As for the things I did like. Overall, given the characters background I think the love that "grows" between them, makes sense. I really liked getting to know the real Bailey, but looking back I also realize we lost her somewhere down the road. I especially saw it towards the end. To be honest I found that part refreshing, because sometimes love (especially dangerous love) lets people forget who they are, and you end up taking on what you think youre supposed to be, in order to maintain the relationship that is obviously a drug. It felt very real. It was nice to see their relationship build over time, and to watch Bailey trust someone. I think the best part about this book though is the building relationship that Bailey and Dylan have, especially when it came to their sexual relationship. I frequently get annoyed with books that the girl in the book is a virgin (which she is here and did annoy me) and then loses her virginity to that first guy but they never do anything else. 

Now the fact that Bailey was with her high school boyfriend for 4 years and they never did anything but kiss really annoyed me. (seriously? I mean I dont know a single guy who could have said that, then again given the rest of his story, maybe it makes sense) But whats great is that when she is with Dylan you see the tension build, and you see them do everything from beginning to end, which was somewhat refreshing. I felt also that the author didnt spend too much time on these pieces. Sometimes an author skips over it altogether, and sometimes they spend too many pages describing every little detail, I thought Ms. Stahl did a great job here. 

(This is my Bailey!)

I really liked the way the book ended (the story line at least!) though like I said I could have done with a small amount of finality added to it but it was good enough! 

I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who likes "college age romances."

(This is my Dylan)

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