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Requiem-Delirium Trilogy -Lauren Oliver

Requiem 3rd book of the Delirium Trilogy - Lauren Oliver 4.5 Stars 

Overall this is a great series! Wow!!! I had a really hard time putting this down! I absolutely loved this trilogy! Im actually a little sad it ended!!! This review is a little shorter than usual, since its the third book in the trilogy, its likely most people reading the review, have read the other two.

I really liked the final book of the Delirium Trilogy, Requiem. As usual Lauren Oliver delivered another fabulous book.

Requiem Synopsis- Lena is a member of the resistance, and living in the Wilds has changed her. After Lena rescued Julian at the end of Pandemonium, and finds Alex waiting back at the safe house, the group heads to the Wilds. Unfortunately the Wilds arent what they once were. The government has admitted that Invalids exists and have begun trying to eradicate all uncureds. In this final story, Lena tries to figure out where she fits in not only with her family in the Wilds, but in love and in the resistance. This story is also told from Hana's point of view, she lives in Portland is about to marry the mayor, though we see how she has transformed and the changes she continues to go through as she begins to realize what she has and what she has lost, and trying to find herself in the end.

If you liked the other two books in this trilogy the last one does not disappoint! There is plenty of action, drama and suspense.

Generally I would have to say that while I enjoyed this book a lot, I would have liked more closure at the end, and even though I may understand the reasons behind her decisions, I felt that there could have been more of an "ending" than what was provided. I think that the action, story and characters made up for it!

I liked that Lena's feelings felt natural. She was constantly conflicted on numerous issues, and again while the ending may not give the reader the expected ending, or the ending that they were hoping for, it is absolutely the way of life and considering the books message I think it is certainly a good ending. (thats not to say I wasnt disappointed a little though)

I liked the relationship triangle between Alex, Lena and Julian, though I would have preferred a different "outcome." Here is one place in particular where I felt like the ending fell a little flat. Though Lena's growth was truly seen in this novel, as she began to realize that love is about being selfless and appreciating whats in front of you. Lauren Oliver made some extremely powerful statements in this novel, that I felt like I could truly connect with, and thats one of things that makes a novel outsanding, where the author can take a story like this weave into everyday current life, and still evoke a feeling that is relateable to the reader.

What I didnt like... I didnt like that at the end some things were tied up too neatly while other things were left without the expected closure one might find at the end of a trilogy such as this or any closure. I didnt like Lena's relationship with her mother, I thought that it was a bit odd. ( dont want to give too much away), but Im glad that her mother is in the book and that there is some movement in their relationship.

Some of my gripes however were likely intended. Particularly Hana's situation. I was really annoyed with the way everyone was acting towards her regarding her fiancee. However, I am happy with her main outcome. I recognize that Hana
has grown into her own over the three books, going from that selfish girl to recognizing theres more to the world than just herself and what can be seen.  Im happy that she took a stand, even though she was cured and fazed in life she knew what was right and wrong and it took a lot of strength for her to look into the issues that she had discovered.

A must read if you have started this trilogy!! 

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