Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hunted By Sophie Davis

Hunted by Sophie Davis (Talented Saga Book 3) 4.5 Stars

Hunted (Talented Saga #3)GoodReads Synopsis
In need of a distraction from her best friend's betrayal, Talia agrees to serve as an administrator for the annual Talent Aptitude Tests. She soon learns it isn't the children who are tested she needs to worry about, it’s the ones who aren't. Life altering choices will be made. Loyalties will be tested. When the war begins, which side will Talia choose?

WOW. Im am amazed. I am in shock. I cannot wait for the fourth book to come out this summer!!! I am absolutely in love with this series and this author!!! I think this was the best one so far. It was non stop action, love and drama! Its got more of a cliff hanger than the others but is just as satisfying.

One of the great parts about this book, was that I felt like more of my questions, if not all of my questions were answered. Yet even though they were answered by the end, it was not as the book didnt go anywhere, instead the culmination of all the information that leads the reader into the purpose of the last book. I am really looking forward to the last book!!!

This book was my favorite, I was addicted to the book, I seriously could not put it down. And Im pretty sure that I was dreaming about the book after I finished! (BTW if you look back at past book reviews you can see my picks for Talia, Penny, Erik and Donovan.)

Characters- I thought the character development in this book was better than the last. Mainly because the reader finally gets some answers. Erik and Talia's relationship is what develops the most, and it seems genuine, and fairly normal, all things considered. They grew as individuals and as a couple, especially Talia. At first I was annoyed with her childish antics, and the immaturity, but once we learned why these things were occurring  I felt better about what was going on and their relationship only grew stronger because of it. I loved the changes Talia made, she became so strong by the end of the book I was so impressed!!!

I loved the twists and turns that this book too with everyone involved from Erik to Penny to Donovan to Mac it was so amazing. And Erik and Talia werent the only ones who'd relationship and characters changed and grew. Eriks character also developed, he grew stronger mentally; Donovan also changed, his relationship with Talia but also in general, it may have been minimal but it was noticeable. Mac, his character is more prominent in this book and we really start to see how he has evolved into a control freak for Talia. I never liked him but this book makes me hate him. Ah I loved this book!!!

Story-line/plot- I think the author yet again did a wonderful job of creating the world for the reader with her beautiful words and imaginative writings. It never ceases to amaze how Sophie Davis' writing can create such  a stark vision of the world her characters live in. I also think Sophie Davis is generally talented, it is so difficult as a writer to plant the seeds of a long story throughout numerous novels. Ms. Davis was able to plant seeds starting in the first novel, that were eventually brought out by the third novel, seeds that I started to see grow through the three books and while I had sort of guessed some of these things, it was great to finally know how it the seeds finally grew!!! it was so awesome :-)

Overall, I cant say enough how amazing this book and series is!!! I love this book and the author!!!!


  1. Thank you for your kind words! I am so delighted that you've enjoyed the series so far, and hopefully you'll like Created just as much! :)

    xo, Sophie