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Volition by Lee Strauss

Volition by Lee Strauss 4 STARS

Volition (Perception Series, #2)Synopsis: What doesn't kill you...
Zoe Vanderveen is on the run with her captor turned rescuer, Noah Brody. 
They're in love.
Or at least that’s what he tells her. Her memories have returned but her feelings are dreamlike—thin and fleeting. Her heart can’t be trusted. Just look at what happened with Taylor Blake.
Senator Vanderveen’s new team of cyborg agents are in hot pursuit, and a reward for their capture is broadcast nationwide. Record breaking cold and snow hinder their escape. Someone dies helping them.
And their fight for survival has only begun

*Personally, the synopsis of the book is rather confusing and does no justice for the book

I loved this book and think the series in in need of more publicity. I dont think enough people know about it, and in all honesty I dont really understand why! This is quite a good book, specifically the series. Its a fairly quick read, but a good young adult dystopian romance book. Its futuristic and has plenty of love, and action in it. I think there is a bit less mystery in this book than the last, but I think this 2nd installment is a stage for whats going to happen in the 3rd and final book, but its still great. I love seeing the relationship between Zoe and Noah as they try to find themselves in the new world they face. And the people they meet, Im so surprised by their reactions and the way they behave at times. Specifically I dont understand the Taylor character whatsoever. But I do like Mary and Jazbel and think they add a lot to the book.

Cover: Pretty
Rating- PG 13
Characters:  Mary, Noah, Zoe, Taylor, Hannah, Rebecca, and Jazbel
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Recommend if You Like...
Book Boyfriend: Noah
Genre:  Young Adult 
Sex Scenes: No
Setting California, Reno, Utah, St. Louis 

Plot--I really enjoyed this book! The plot really moved forward in this book, there were so many different pieces that really begin to set the scene for the world that Zoe and Noah live in. The pacing in this novel felt pretty good, though it was slow at times, the build up was really great. I did not like the "cliff hanger" but it worked well with this book. There are some really good "twists" that make this book stand our from all the other futuristic books out there. I liked the POVs too, which really helped me understand the perspectives and reasons for the actions of Noah and Zoe. I also like the romance. The issues with the romance is far different than the other dystopian type novels Ive read recently, which was refreshing. 
brittany snow vicious kind 02
Zoe- I like Zoe, she is quirky, but shy, but at the end of the day she is strong and I appreciated her personality. Her naivety wasnt annoying, but felt normal and realistic.  Her thought process also felt genuine and not forced. I also enjoyed that her character wasnt excellent at everything, didnt know everything, and was trying t figure things out just like anyone else. 

Dean Geyer Noah perceptionNoah- Aw Noah. I adore him. He is such a sweetheart. I really loved hearing from his POV because I was dying to understand him, I liked learning his rational, his thoughts about the situation and about Zoe. I was disappointed in the plot a little but was happy with his development overall and the movement he made. He really rounded out in this book and the reader gets know Noah on a different level than before. 

What I Liked-
Much like the last book, the author here does a great job of world building and showing the slums of St.  Louis and other placed they are living in. Im surprised by some of the events and the people, but generally speaking I think it was really interesting the idea of "off the grid" being so difficult. The idea that technology will take over and rule our thoughts and the free world. the pacing was also really good, time went by without a hitch it wasnt too slow or too fast timing wise. I also liked some of the hitches that the author threw in there, though honestly how did Zoe not see the Taylor thing?!

What I didnt like-
I dont like Taylor or what he brings towards the end of the novel and become quite annoyed with his character and behavior throughout.

As a reminder, the political and religious themes are again present in this novel. I dont think the author tried to force either viewpoint, but I think it is important for people to know its there. In fact the author made sure to make points for both sides on all issues, which is the important fact. But if you absolutely hate things that reference these things, then you may not enjoy parts of the book, in MY opinion.

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