Sunday, July 14, 2013

Evolution by Kelly Carrero

Evolution by Kelly Carrero 3 STARS 

Evolution (Evolution, #1)Synopsis:  Seventeen year old Jade Sommers life tuned upside down the moment she saw the inch long cut across her face, heal right before her eyes.Jade thought she was going insane, but her boyfriend Aiden Scott knew better. He knew what she was. And like him, she was born this way.Now if finding out that people like her shouldn’t exist was bad enough, Jades best friend is kidnapped by the psycho who’s terrorised her dreams. With the help of Aiden, she has to figure out how to saver her, before it’s too late. But what Jade doesn’t know, is not everything is what it seems. She is merely a puppet in a sadistic game to find out what she is truly capable of – and the game has only just begun

Overall--When I first started this book, I was hooked, I couldnt wait to figure out what was going on. However, by the time I got to the end I was upset with the fact that it seemed as though I didnt get any answers to the main purpose of the book. Generally, I enjoyed the book which is why it got three stars, but the biggest problem I had with the book is really that I didnt understand how they are super human and it was never explained. What I was given as an explanation, was essentially nothing, it was that they use more of their brain...and throughout the book, she is trying to figure out how to use her abilities but its not explained how some people have some powers and others dont, or why using your brain means your immortal. I had a really hard time with the concept. In the end though, I probably wont read the other books in this series. Its not that I didnt like the book, but I didnt find it super compelling and for 3 dollars, Id want the book to be longer and more developed. 

Plot--The overall plot was pretty good, until the end. Where nothing was explained. I was cruising through, enjoying the story which moved at a good pace, which developments, and character and world building that fit into everything  until suddenly it all stopped making sense. The last 5% of the book was a cluster-. Seriously? Its not just a cliffhanger, it felt like something out of left field, and it was. There were other minor things that annoyed me, specifically the repetitive nature of the authors writing, it felt misplaced most of the time. The good stuff- I think the general plot was really interesting and intriguing and the idea that she was just coming into these abilities I found interesting, and wanted to learn more about the. Also I really like the connection built between Jade and Aiden. Their relationship kept me intrigued as well, especially considering it didnt feel like a young relationship it felt developed. 


Jade -I like Jade (generally) she was interesting and her personality kept me entertained. Mainly her consistent internal monologue was funny and genuine. Her thoughts felt normal and her reactions sincere. Her relationship with her mother was odd and made me feel bad for her, her relationship with Aidens family also struck me as strange, but then again at least that one made more sense. I would have liked to know whether Jades mom knew about her abilities and that there was some resolution there...

Aiden- I like Aiden, what a catch!!! He is not only handsome and perfect, but he is so compassionate, understanding, considerate, sweet and so much more!!! Ugh. Hes prince charming with special abilities and I want one! I think Aiden though is almost too perfect. In the end though his and Jades relationship is beautiful and I like that its kept so in tact by everything. Many times I read books and there is such struggle and angst between the loves, whereas here it appears that the duo is strong and only gets stronger which is refreshing. His relationship with his parents is also nice to see. 

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