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Twisted by KA Robinson

Twisted (Torn, #2)

Twisted Book 2 in Torn Series by KA Robinson 3 Stars

GoodRead Synopsis:
Chloe and Drake have found their happily ever after... Almost.
When Chloe's mother comes back into her life with a bang, it sets off a chain of events no one could have ever expected. 
Everyone has their demons, and Chloe and Drake's hit them with a vengence. 
Sex, drugs, money, a crazy ex, and Rock n Roll.... Can they survive it all?
Things are beginning to feel a bit... Twisted

Overview: This book was a decent ending to the book Torn, and if you read Torn you will likely feel the same way about Twisted as you did Torn. If you loved Torn you will love Twisted. I didnt love it, but I appreciated the work and was happy with the ending. 

Cover: Not good 
Rating: PG 13 
Page Turner: Not really 
Series Cont.? 2nd one. Next one is a POV from another character, new story line
Recommend: If you read the First one yes. 
Book Boyfriend: Drake
Genre: New Adult Romance Novel
Characters: Drake and Chloe
Sex Scenes: Yes. Tame ones 
Setting: Beach and Tour Bus 

The plot in this one was hard for me to get interested in. I was only interested in this one, because I read the first one, and I like finishing out my book series. Unfortunately I was a little let down. Especially in the beginning. I couldnt recall who was who, and what was going on. Obviously the first book didnt stay with me and I only read it a couple months ago. Not a good sign to start. The plot was interesting. I read a few other reviews and disagreed, I didnt think too much was going on. However I did think that it seemed contrived, the flow didnt feel right, and the characters felt a little raw, insincere. While the plot kept me interested, it was only because I wanted to know what happened in the end. I likely wont read Logan's POV since Im not that invested. 

I was irritated with the author, I dont think she did her research. I dont think she accurately showed an abusive relationship, or drugs. I was annoyed frequently with things continued to play out, though I did like the ending. I thought that at least she put things to a good end and made everything understandable. More realistic too. 

I think the author made Drake out to be quite the bad guy. I found myself rooting for Jordan instead of Drake. And hoping they were wrong about Kady. I liked Jordan a lot actually. I think he was my favorite. LOL. I also enjoyed that Chloe was able to stand her own a bit more this novel. She was more unstable in the last novel. But she seemed to find her own a little more here. Although I think she relied on Jordan far too much. She could have been stronger. She was strong enough to give Drake an Ultimatum but not strong enough to take on her mom. Just a little bizarre. I dont think Drake and Chloe made a believable couple either. Drake was always bi-polar to me even before drugs. He was way more attached and Clingy to Chloe than most guys in that position. I just found their relationship weird. Who moves in with someone after 3 months and having never been in a relationship before. Im glad with the end result of the characteris, but did care for the book overall. 

That said, I was able to finish it, and it wasnt poorly written or anything, it just wasnt my cup of tea.

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