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A Moment- Marie Hall- 3.5 STARS

A Moment (Moments, #1)Synopsis
A chance meeting... Life didn't turn out the way I'd ever hoped it would. I got pregnant at 14. Same year my mom got diagnosed with MS. Dad bailed on us and my life felt like it suddenly started to spiral out of control. I'm 21 now, I go to college, I work hard, trying to make something of myself. I wasn't supposed to be at that burlesque bar Valentine's Day. I wasn't supposed to meet Ryan Cosgrove, but I did. And now nothing will ever be the same. Love born from pain... I'm a retired Marine, an MMA fighter, and when I was younger something terrible happened to me. Life is hard and I'm so tired of pretending its not. I'm in a burlesque bar, drowning my sorrows, trying to shut out the demons breathing down my neck always reminding me I'm not good enough. Then I see Liliana Delgado and something inside of me- something I'd thought long dead- stirs to life. I wonder... can she save me? I hope she can, because I don't think I can save myself. This is our moment...

Lindsay Hartley--A moment- Lilliana
This was one heart wrenching, but beautifully written story. A story about knowingly taking a chance on love and all the risks that come with it. I wasnt sure I was going to like this one going in, its different yet its the same. The one reason I wasnt sure was because a child is involved in the story line, which I dont usually do. (no offense, just not there yet in life). But I have to say that Marie Hall did a fantasic job of bringing all of these different hard ships into one story. Between a sick mother, a worthless father and a special needs child with no baby daddy to speak of, Liliana makes life look easy! Shes helping her mother, taking care of her baby boy, working two jobs and going to school! (How?! I dont know!) Bless her heart she has been given one heal of a hand, but plays it flawlessly. 

Goodreads | Recent UpdatesWhile Ryan, on the other hand, is a broken man for very different reasons. His demons are much deeper and darker, and mysterious, constantly haunting him. He struggles daily with his demons, as Liliana struggles daily with the consequences of life. Yet their lives become intertwined and they learn that with one another they are stronger, but are they strong enough to overcome all the hardships and their pasts? 

This story is intense. I cried more than I laughed. Even though this is a love story, it is also a coming of age story, albeit later in life. Each character has something affecting them that requires growth. I was really surprised at how strong Liliana was, given everything that had happened to her she was willing to try, try, try again. Her perseverance and determination was truly beautiful. In the same respect, Ryan's strength and ability to love was amazing. His story is deeply sad, without a lot of the same hope that Liliana's story has. 

I saw both character develop, grow and come into their own as well as together. I was impressed with how connected I felt to each character, demons and all, even though I didnt have much in common with either. I couldnt specifically relate, yet I could. I felt them through the book. 

The ending is perfect, I like the way everything ended and the epilogue was also a nice touch, providing just the right amount of details. 

I also feel that Alex played such an integral role in this book. Capturing my attention and my heart in the right ways. As a side character his role was still pivotal and it was evident through the authors writing. I look forward to reading his story and how he will cope with the fallout. 

I think what kept me from rating this higher, was really that it took me too long to get into this book, and to feel that connection. 


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