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Salvation by Noelle Adams 4 STARS

SalvationSynopsis--You get to the point where you can just say it. There was never anything special about me, except my father is rich and important. That's why it happened.
It was just a normal Tuesday afternoon. I was twenty-three and thinking about my new designer boots. They kidnapped me for ransom. They raped me before I was rescued. My therapist says that talking about it means I'm starting to heal.
I don't really think I am.
It's even harder to talk about Gideon. He couldn’t save me when it really mattered, so he keeps trying to save me now. He refuses to give up on me, and I can’t make him understand. There are some things you just can’t be saved from.
Warning: Salvation is a love story that follows a difficult path of healing after sexual assault. It is a true contemporary romance, but it addresses very hard issues, including rape and attempted suicide. Please consider whether this book is for you.

* Netgalley provided a copy in exchange for a review.

Overall: Pretty and Alluring
Characters: Diana and Gideon
Page Turner: Not in the action packed way 
Series Cont.? No
Recommend if You LikeAlmost, Going Under, 
Book Boyfriend: Gideon
Genre: New Adult 
Sex Scenes: Yes
Shawn Ashmore as Gideon

This book was really very interesting and quite a different take on the genre, which I can appreciate. Salvation was a quick read, but not an easy one. Diana has a very heavy heart, and the way she deals with her rape and kidnapping is nothing idyllic. Instead this book shows us the very raw, genuine and real emotional and physical effects that rape has on someone. Someone once normal, and no one "special." This story though, told from Diana's point of view is more than just the aftermath of a rape. Its about a woman coming back from it, finding herself, learning not to live with what happened but to move past it and possibly find love again. 

The book focuses primarily on Diana and her relationship with Gideon as she begins to deal with her rape. Perhaps "deal" is not the right word though. She does not deal very well, and begins a downward spiral once released from the hospital. Her savior is really Gideon, the FBI agent who was with her when she was raped. Even though Gideon feels guilty for not being able to stop what happened, I believe he is actually what saved her in the end (in more than one way). His advice to her may have been what helped her. Gideon and Diana's relationship starts off slowly, but it builds deeply throughout the book. This relationship saves them both in different ways but both lead them back to each other time and time again. At times I have to wonder if their relationship is unhealthy or the best thing to happen to either one of them. But love has many ways of showing itself. The love Gideon has for Diana is truly unbelievable and very heart warming. 
Christa B. Allen - Google Search
Christa B Allen as Diana

One of the things I appreciated about this book, is that it is not erotica, it doesn't depict the sexual assault in a graphic manner or describe it much at all for that matter.  The event is mentioned, and briefly described but not in any sort of sexual manner. This book focuses instead on the after events. Truly showcasing the struggles that a woman can go through. Unfortunately most do not have their hero, as Diana had here, Gideon. Someone who unconditionally loves and is willing to do anything to help the woman whom he went through a drastic event with. 

What I didn't like: 

The writing sometimes which seemed like it was a little more like a diary and less of a story. 
The story was TOO focused on just Gideon and Diana, it seemed like they were the only aspect of the story. Not much about her family was provided and her friends were barely in the story. 
Lastly, I struggled throughout the book as to whether I liked Gideon, was he doing this because he felt guilty, or out of obligation, or did he really care for her? And Diana, I found her downward spiral to be weird and awkward at times. Not to mention the relationship was not conventional, and Im surprised that her therapist never once mentioned this. I also disliked Gideon's strong dislike for Diana's father and his money. It was weird that it was brought up in pieces and then never discussed that much. 

In the end though I liked the book and feel that its a real gem. I look forward to reading more from this author. 

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