Sunday, November 3, 2013

While You're Away Volume 1

While You're Away by Jessa Holbrook 2 STARS

From the moment Will and Sarah first set eyes upon each other, they know that what they have is special. There's just one little problem... each of them already has a significant other. 
After weeks of flirting with danger, it becomes clear that their passion is too strong to be denied. They decide to give it a go, making their relationship official. But there's another challenge in store: Will is leaving for college at the end of the summer, heading for a new life on a big campus, and leaving Sarah behind in their small suburban town. 
The pair vows to be true to one another while they're separated, but the distance comes with its fair share of challenges. Will is busy and hard to get a hold of, and Sarah feels jealous of his shiny new life. To make matters worse, he's pledging for a fraternity, a system filled with details Sarah dreads.
Sarah can't help but feel tortured by the way they met. Is Will cheating on her? Can cheaters ever change?

Overall- The concept of the "volumes" is interesting and the synopsis is what really attracted me. Volume one just didnt do it for me though. I liked the concept and the overall plot, but it felt like there was something missing. Had it been a full length novel I would have kept reading, but when I looked up the other volumes each one being 50 pages, and at 2 dollars a piece (6 volumes) thats more than I usually spend on a book and I just wasnt entranced enough to spend that amount. What was mostly detracting from the book was the narration, I didnt connect with the narrator, Sarah. Her narration included a lot of irrelevant information, or what I thought was irrelevant. I liked Will though and he is what kept my attention really. Overall though, Sarah's opinions and thoughts felt weird at times. I was very confused as to how she could possibly "think/know" that this time was different just by looking at Will and talking to him the first time ever. Certain things felt awkward and abnormal. Basically, I'd certainly have kept reading to see where things went, but it all seemed predictable, and Im not really willing to continue at this time. Perhaps its just not for me.

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