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Arbitrate by Megan Thomason

Arbitrate by Megan Thomason- 4.5 STARS

Synopsis---It's one year later. Everything has changed.
Arbitrate (Daynight, #2)Remember The Second Chance Institute (SCI). Earth's benevolent non-profit by day, Thera's totalitarian regime by night. They’ve stepped up their game on Earth and on Thera—infiltrating political parties, preying on the downtrodden, and planning offensive maneuvers. And they’re handing out more “second chances” than ever before. The SCI’s abuse of their charter leads to Arbiter oversight and bitter consequences.Remember Kira Donovan. Broken, burdened, and evading those who wish her harm, Kira enlists the Arbiters’ help when forced to return to the clutches of the SCI and her angry, estranged love.Remember Blake Sundry. Exiled, determined, and packing an agenda, Blake seeks assistance on Earth and Thera to use his newfound knowledge to bring down the SCI.Remember Ethan Darcton. Overworked, emotional, and holding a grudge, Ethan hunts down his stolen property, but finds himself in awkward territory, stuck between the Arbiters and the SCI.

*I received an ARC from the author for an honest review 

Overall-- I was truly blown away by this book, the 2nd in the daynight series. What I absolutely love about this author, she realized its been a while since her readers read the last book so she provided an short overview of book 1 at the beginning of book 2. I wish all authors did this!!! As for the actual book, I couldnt put it down. Seriously, I think I skipped meals and avoided the phone all day. It was so gripping, intense, gritty and beautiful! So much happened in this book, but it never felt ridiculous or overwhelming. Once I finished the book, I had a lot of thinking to do. I wasnt sure how I felt about the book. I had ideas and plans for my characters, and the author did not follow my desires!! I must say though, I am so happy she didnt!! She made everything work out better than I could have ever dreamed!!! Nothing about this book was predictable. And while I was initially unhappy Kira didnt end up with the person I wanted....I liked what Ms. Thomason did even better. She really recaptured my heart and mind in the end because I was completely mesmerized by what she wrote, the way the characters turn out and the plot ended. I look forward to the next book, and seeing what the next adventure is for this group. This is a MUST READ for anyone interested in a great dystopian adventure with a final ending and romantic entanglements that ends perfectly! (But you do have to read the first one, though it is WELL worth it! I promise!!!) 

Cover- Interesting
Rating: PG 13 
Overall - Dystopian Romance and Adventure/Mystery
Characters:  Jax, Ethan, Blake, Kira
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Book Boyfriend: Jax
Genre: Young Adult Dystopian  
Sex Scenes: No
Setting  Thera and California  
Recommend if you liked- Divergent 

The Babies- from daynight's facebook page
Plot-- Where to start! This was an intense book. With lots of mystery, adventure, romance, unpredictable moments, and crazy scenes that I was not prepared for!! The book starts out a year after we left Kira with Jax, learning she'd just been impregnated. We pick up after the birth of her babies. The author takes the reader on a journey, to show what happened in the past, the important moments and events that changed the present, flipping back into the present moment in time, where life for all seems pretty messed up. Everyone made mistakes and everyone changed in different ways. Each one at different point yet all trying to come back together. With all the broken pieces and characters of the book, the author does a fantastic job of not only breaking them apart but putting everything back together, even if it is in a different picture. I was so impressed with the changes though, I could never have imagined or pictured some of the twists and turns that this book takes on us and I think thats what makes a great author, and a great book. It kept my attention and I was constantly reevaluating my thoughts and opinions on the changing scenes and characters! Everything I thought I knew in book 1 changes in book 2 and not in a weird way or a bad way, just an unknown way. The plot moved at a natural pace, not too slow or too fast with just enough information being provided in the different scenes to start putting the puzzle together and by the end, all the pieces are there. This book was beautifully written and so completely amazing it is quite inspiring as a reader and a writer. 

Alexandra Chando Picture
Alexandra Chando as Kira 
Kira-  This time around Kira reminded me of Emma from Out of Breath, withdrawn, and depressed for much of the book. At the time, it was frustrating, I missed the Kira that was strong and passionate, driven and ambitious. I missed the lively Kira. But by the end of the book, I realized that this time around, Kira came from different circumstances, and the author was trying to show a different side, a different way of growing and developing. A necessity this time around given the situation. When I finished reading, and thought back to everything, I could completely understand, I saw the big picture, whereas in the moment I didnt have all the facts. But Kira was strong, and patient, and understanding, her situation led her to a dark and confusing internal place, but with the help of those that love her, and some personal soul searching prove to be useful in bringing back the Kira we all know and love! So happy with her outcome and decision. I was also surprised with the twists and turns of her character, it was crazy! I could not be more happy and am amazed at how the author was able to pull this off!!
Chace Crawford as Blake

Blake-  Im not sure how I feel about this one. I liked hearing his voice and thoughts, it was helpful in understanding him, but I was disappointed that his role was not as strong in this book as it was in the last. However, as the story developed I began to realize where his role really fit, and why the author made the decisions she did, some of which were harder than others. I enjoyed learning about him and his final role was extremely powerful! I was so impressed! 
Paul Wesley as Ethan 

Ethan--I have to say Ethan was the most confusing to read! His emotions and actions were all the place and I wasnt sure whether he would "make" it or not! I felt all his pain, and all his joy, his confusion and additional emotional craziness that went on with him! Even though he struggled through figuring out who he is, his love for Kira, his family issues, and the rebellion, he is better because of it, and where we leave off with Ethan left me wanting more, wanting to get to know him more and see where he goes. 
Alex Pettyfer as Jax

Jax-- I  was so surprised with Jax's role in this book. Considering in the last book, he was not well liked (by Ethan or others) he was considered annoying. So I was hesitant coming into this one and having him as such a prominent character. But of course Ms. Thomason wove him into the story and the lives of our other beloved characters beautifully. He was swift and mesmerizing at times and I found myself wishing I were inside Jax's head so I could understand what he was thinking or why he did what he did!! His role is quite pivotal in this book, as he helps the gang with their movement and rebellion and the ongoing changes throughout the system! He is certainly one to look out for. 
Anna Lynn McCord as Bailey 

Bailey-- I absolutely hate Bailey. Still do. I actually find her to be so frustrating!!! Okay okay. So I realize the author did this on purpose, and the dislike for her does not change in this book. She does not become a better person. But she is a necessary evil. 

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