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Chasing Darkness by Colee Firman

Chasing Darkness (Unbinding Fate, #3 )Chasing Darkness by Colee Firman 3.5 Stars

Synopsis:Months after Tanner’s unexplained betrayal, Addy is finally able to put what was between them in the past and move on. Really she has no choice—he sent her back to Greystone alone and stayed in Tremain. He even deactivated the gate they worked so hard to repair to keep her away—if that doesn’t say extreme break up nothing does. 
When a strange condition begins killing its way through Greystone, Addy is forced to leave the Palace where she’d been holed up to try to help find the cause. No one seems to have any answers and everyone is afraid they’ll be next to burn from the inside out.
The illness makes the rift between Ravensbog and Greystone widen when the Akori from the bog decide being around the people of Greystone could be hazardous. Addy is forced to pull her people together while struggling to find a way to stop the deaths.
Even after breaking his heart, Gage is still by her side no matter what. Friendship like that can’t be ignored. A night alone together changes everything and Addy’s left wondering if maybe she made the wrong choice. By the time she figures it out, his heart may already belong to someone new.
At the same time people are dying in Greystone, Ravensbog suffers its own loss. One of the club leaders is killed during a match at the Brutal Ball, sparking the beginning of a fight to the death tournament to select a new head for the fight club. The Tournament of Lost Souls begins and threatens to kill some of the people Addy loves the most.

Cover: Pretty but not great
Rating: PG 13
Overall: Pretty good, but a little disappointed
Characters: Addy, Gage, Jax, Tanner
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Recommend: YES
Book Boyfriend: Tanner 
Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi
Sex Scenes: Not really 
Setting: Greystone, an underworld for Akori. 

Overall- I liked thid book, but with the ending, I am extremely disappointed, HOWEVER, I recognize that in order for the series to continue, something had to happen....still...Im not happy about the ending. Poor Addy just cant catch a break. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series though! I love Addy!

Plot - Wow, well I gotta say that this was a great story line. I was interested throughout the entire book. I devoured it and then wanted more! The author does an amazing job of weaving this story, providing so much background and intrigue. This story is so amazing. The world building for Greystone and the characters is so great, her ability to create this world that I am able to forget everything around me and become enveloped in this story and the characters amazes me. This time around the plot is no different, with Addy trying to become the leader and to figure out how to rid Greystone of whatever is causing the Akori to instantaneously combust. I like they mystery aspect of this, which essentially boils down to how to kill an old soul. I think the next book will be even better given the ending. Im a little disappointed in the ending, mainly because I want to know whats going on! I am a fan of this series and cant wait to keep reading it. I only tacked off points for the slight cliff hanger and sad ending. But a good book nonetheless!

Characters -- I absolutely love Addy, the main character. She has really grown over these three books, and I can honestly say that she has matured into quite the woman. I think she has become quite the leader. The problem with this book though is that some of the other characters dont grow as much. For instance, Jax and Tanner. I felt that out of all the characters Tanner grew the least. Granted he wasnt in the book the whole time...but nonetheless his characters seemed the most stagnant.

Gage on the other hand, his transformation was interesting. Reading as he changed, was quite intriguing as well. I think his character probably changed the most next to Addy and I was certainly saddened by the end result.

As for Jax, I loved Jax in the last book. I was really looking forward to him in this book, but I was somewhat let down, because I dont think he really grew into much. But in the end Im glad with the end result. I think based on the plot that it worked out for the best.

Some of the other minor roles also seemed to be a little frustrating for me. Juliette mainly. I was extremely disappointed in her character. But on the bright side, I felt like some of the other once minor roles became more prominent and grew. Especially Remy.

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