Saturday, January 25, 2014

To Read & Reading Challenge

So this year I'm trying to read 100 books, AND Im trying to write my own book. Which is slow going.

Im also doing a reading challenge. First, reading challenge, Im attempting to read 1 book A-Z. This sounds fairly easy (26 letters 100 books), but its not, I tried reading 52 books last year (and read 118) but managed to miss 3 letters! Since I dont write a review on every book I read, I'll keep this list of books up to date so you can follow along.

In my journey to read 100 books, I really want to catch up on a lot of the books on my to-read list. Since I wait to read some books, and I offer to review so many, I end up not reading what I bought on my kindle. (I have about 30 books waiting for me on my kindle). So heres to trying to read everything on my kindle, reading A-Z and finishing 100 books this year!!! Keep me motivated.

*Updated as of 2-11-2014 As you can see, I am REALLY behind on my reviews, I am working on them,. I also try to post close every two days to three days instead of every day (I just don't have time for more!)

A- Altered by Jennifer Rush (4.5 STARS) 1-20-2014 Review Coming
     Anathema by K.A. Tucker (Casual Enchantment #2) (3.5 STARS) 1-22-2014 Review Coming
     Asylum by KA Tucker (Casual Enchantment #2) (4 STARS) 1-24-2014 Review Coming
Burn Out by Kristi Helvig- (5 STARS) 2-9-14 Review coming.
C- Created (By Sophie Davis) 1-1-2014 (4 STARS) - (
     Copied by SM Anderson 1-26-2014 (2.5 STARS)
Defectors - by (4 STARS) Review Coming 
E- The Eve (by Keary Taylor) 1-15-2014 (5 STARS) Review coming
Fall of Venus by  2-8-2014 (3.5 STARS) Review Coming
Insanity by Lauren Hammond 2-26-2014 (2 STARS) Review Coming
K- Knowing Jack (By Rachel Curtis) 1-6-2014 (2.5 STARS) (
Loving your Lies By Piper Shelly 1-29-2014 (2.5 STARS) Review Coming
Live For You By  2-10-2014 (3.5 STARS) Review Coming
Moment By Marie Hall 2-1-2014 (3 STARS) Review Coming
Never Forget - by Emma Hart 2-15-14 (2.5 STARS) Review Coming
One Wild Night (Magan Vernon) 1-26-2014 (4 STARS) Once I finish the series I'll write a review the whole series.
Program by Suzanne Young 2-12-2014 4 STARS Review Coming
Relentless by Cassia Leo 2-12-14 3.5 STARS
S- Songs of the FireFlies (By JA Redmerski) - 1-10-2014 (3 STARS) - Review Coming.
     Secret of Ella and Micha (by Jessica Sorenson) 1-27-14 (5 STARS) Review Coming.
Salvation by Noelle Adams 2-24-2014 (3.5 STARS) Review Coming.
T- Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi 1-23-2014 (4.5 STARS) Review Coming.
U- The Uglies by Scott Westfield - 1-17-2014 (3 STARS) Review coming
V-ARV-3 By Cameo Renae (3 STARS) 2-7-2014 Review Coming
Wild Hearts (by Magan Vernon) 1-26-2014 (4 STARS) - Once I finish the series I'll write a review the whole series.
Wicked We Have Done by Sarah Harian 2-28-2014 (4 STARS) Review Coming
Young Love Murder- (by April Brookshire) (2-18-2014) - 4 STARS - Review Coming.
Z- Random Acts of Crazy- by Julia Kent (2-23-2014) No stars. I will not be providing a review for the book. I enjoyed it, but it was not quite what I was expecting, and not my usual style.

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