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InHuman by Kat Falls

InHuman by Kat Falls--4 STARS

Inhuman (Fetch, #1)SynopsisIn a world ravaged by mutation, a teenage girl must travel into the forbidden Savage Zone to recover lost artifacts or her father’s life is forfeit. America has been ravaged by a war that has left the eastern half of the country riddled with mutation. Many of the people there exhibit varying degrees of animal traits. Even the plantlife has gone feral. Crossing from west to east is supposed to be forbidden, but sometimes it’s necessary. Some enter the Savage Zone to provide humanitarian relief. Sixteen-year-old Lane’s father goes there to retrieve lost artifacts—he is a Fetch. It’s a dangerous life, but rewarding—until he’s caught. Desperate to save her father, Lane agrees to complete his latest job. That means leaving behind her life of comfort and risking life and limb—and her very DNA—in the Savage Zone. But she’s not alone. In order to complete her objective, Lane strikes a deal with handsome, roguish Rafe. In exchange for his help as a guide, Lane is supposed to sneak him back west. But though Rafe doesn’t exhibit any signs of “manimal” mutation, he’s hardly civilized . . . and he may not be trustworthy

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This plot was different and intriguing and with the allure of a HGs feel to it, I was truly interested in reading this book. The HG appeal was the creativity and imaginative writing from Ms. Falls which is comparable. I felt like the book was action packed with great tension all around. The plot developed over time, as did the characters, especially Rafe and Lane. This book was different than any of the recent dystopian books I've read. I loved the action and the intense emotions that Lane had towards every creature she interacted with. Her compassion may have hurt her at times, but it also saved her. I cant wait to finish this series!!!

great wall of china - Google Search
The Wall

Rating: PG 13 
Overall: adventure romance dystopian
Characters:  Rafe, Lane, Everson
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Book BoyfriendEverson and Rafe 
Genre: Young Adult Dystopian Romance 
Sex Scenes: No
Setting = East Coast 

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Arsenal Island
Plot-Lane is a naive 16 year old living in the West after a virus plague infects humanity. A wall was built to protect the lucky enough to survive, 100% human people, while the East is deteriorating with the mutating virus that turns humans into animals, and animals in hybrid animals, some of which are rabid. Lane is forced to venture into the East to find her father, along the way she learns that her father was not so innocent, and that life in the East is much different than she could have ever imagined, in good and bad ways. During her travels she is befriended by Rafe the hunter, and Everson the militant and humanitarian. (if those two things can go together in this time period!) Rafe is sarcastic and rude, hes had a hard life, while Everson has lived a life of the riches, they couldnt be more different, but they both care for Lane and her well being and tag along with her on her journey.
liam hemsworth Everson?
Liam Hemsworth as Everson
Generally speaking the story line seems fairly easy and straightforward. Its an adventure, action love story, possible love triangle though its unclear at this time who has feelings for who altogether...But what sets this book apart is the creatures that Ms. Falls creates and the characters interact with. Her imagination was inspiring and jaw dropping at times. The plot here isnt hard to follow, but I was impressed with the amount of characters and creatures and interactions in general that the author was able to create. I could actually picture the hybrids and manimals and I was so impressed with her ability to weave these ideas into her story as if they were so normal.

The story line moved at a great pace, nothing felt like it dragged on or moved too quickly. Each character served a purpose and every scene had meaning. The characters developed over the course of the book and the self discovery was easily seen. The different twists and turns kept me on my toes and kept me glued to the pages, dying to find out what would happen next. The ending was perfect. I couldnt have been happier, it was an ending but left plenty of openings for the next book in this trilogy.


Everson- Wow. I loved Everson from the beginning. Even when he was missing I was thinking I miss him. I was pleasantly surprised by his character, in a different way than Lane and Rafe. He reminded me of Peeta from HGs in the way that he cared for people. He was a good guy, willing to stick his neck out to save the world, he wanted to help find a cure, and keep the girl (lane) safe. I found him to be interesting. I was not pleased that as the story carried on, it seemed that his relationship with Lane dissipated a little, but was pleased with his role in the end and hope to see him again in the other books. Hopefully with Lane. I cant decide though which team Im on. Im not sold on either just yet. Regardless, Everson was a great guy, but he started out that way, so we may be seeing him grow more in the future...

blair redford -Rafe Inhuman
Rafe- Blair Redford
Rafe- Aw Poor Rafe. Rafe comes from a rough background on the East. With little family, and no luxury Rafe does what he has to, to survive another dat, even if that means having no friends and being alone. In the savage world, sometimes thats the best way to be. But Mack, Lane's father has always been one to dote on him, and help him, so when Lane travels East, Rafe owes it to Mack to help Lane out. At all costs. What he didnt expect was that he would learn compassion. Rafe started out so rough around the edges, so cruel, but as the book continued I could feel Lane's compassion begin to rub off on him, especially with Cosmo the fox/ape. He became more selfless over the course of the novel and I started to fall for him as a character. I do hope that in the next book we see him in a good light, he definitely holds a special place in Lanes heart.
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Lane- Hannah Tointon

Lane- I loved Lane. Even when she was annoying, it was part of her character. There were definitely times when I thought to myself "oh gosh lane you are such an idiot." "I cant believe you did that!" But the author did these parts with a purpose, which I appreciated. Lane went from a naive, trusting and unsuspecting girl to learning, on her own terms that life is not always the way it seems, safe and happy dont always go together and sometimes, the easy way is not the right way. I think Lane developed so much through out this novel. She was blinded by her upbringing, but was able to really open her eyes and see the truth, and yet still live by her own standards. She didn't let anyone bully her, or force her into doing anything. Even though she wasnt always smart about her decisions, it was a growing period for her and that was quite amazing to read.

What I didnt like--
It was very confusing in the beginning, keeping track of feral, manimals, ferae and all the other weird/new terms the author came up with.
I was disappointed that there wasnt as much of a "love story" as there could have been.
It was a little short.
I also got confused with the various animal hybrids and keeping track of the good/bad.

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