Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall TV Premieres

I finally caught up on all my fall tv premieres, most of which have aired though there are in fact a few more that are not yet on air yet. Ill update the post as they air though.

If you have read any of my other posts you'll know that I watch A LOT of shows. I honestly dont know where I find the time, usually on weekends and weekday mornings...but heres a list of shows I watch followed by my thoughts on the premiere, based on the day of the week. This includes new and returning shows. For more information on cancellations see http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com (I try to keep up so that if I see a show getting cancelled I can stop watching before becoming too invested...)

Once Upon a Time--Hm. I dont know what to do about this show. I have come to the point where I do not feel much attachment to the show but I remain invested because I like the actors. That may not be enough anymore. They have taken this show so far from its roots, and I just dont find myself that interested anymore. Ill keep recording it and if I get around to watching it, I will. The first episode also set up the season for the Neverland world. Which could be interesting, but I fear there will be too many characters and points to really stay focused and entertained. We shall see.

Revenge--Holy crap!! What an amazing first episode. From what Ive read online lately, the show is going back to its roots, looking for revenge every week, less initiative more gritty dirty drama, and the first episode did not disappoint. Essentially setting up this season the first scene Emily gets shot...Certainly interested in figuring out whether she will survive any WHO shot her....My only gripes so far...what happened to Charlotte (and the baby?) Why has Jack become so dark and cruel...I miss old Jack...A Definite MUST WATCH

Betrayal- This new show sparked interest. I cant say I loved the first episode, BUT I can see it going somewhere. The first episode put the pieces out there for them to come together and crumble. It reminds me of Mob Dr./Red Widow. Both of which I liked. However, I do wonder, where can this show really go after a season? But Im certainly interested and will be watching this one, regardless of the fact that the first episode was completely and utterly predictable. The next few episodes will determine whether I continue to watch.

Homeland- Woah. This season is bound to be a roller coaster. I recall frequently saying. Did that just happen? What?! No way! throughout the episode. In typical Homeland fashion nothing ever goes as I think it would or should. I am dying to know what will happen to Brody/Carrie and the whole daughter thing is crazy/weird. Wonder where that will go...But I am curious, what happened to Mike? this is a MUST WATCH!

Amazing Race --Ah, so very typical contestants. I cant say Im surprised after how many seasons? I think what irritates me the most with this show is that "famous people" always seem to on this. This season they have baseball wives and former NFL players on the show. Personally....Im somewhat offended that people who already have money get chosen over the thousand of other contestants. Regardless, Im getting sick of the blase series. So nothings changed and I will watch in my "spare time"

Blacklist- LOVE IT! This might be the best new show of the season, at least so far! I look forward to this show because its crazy and I want to know what will happen with the main girl and her husband.  Admittedly though, I think this show is missing a bit of mystery. It does remind me though of a cross between Revenge and Homeland...though toned down from both...MUST WATCH

Hostages- I really like this show. The first episode was intense. Unexpected. I dont know how another season will continue...much less 13 episodes (or 15 or whatever it is) but I heard somewhere this is a one season show...perhaps the idea will continue next season with all new characters...not sure...but I do love a series that I can watch with finality. (Red Widow anyone?) I will definitely watching this one! I love the cast and the plot point is truly new and different, think Con Air. MUST WATCH

Hart of Dixie-I DO NOT like the new guy. Hate him. I am very disappointed with this show so far. Im not a fan of whats going on, but I guess the real issue is how much can you really force to happen in a small town...gotta find something! I just wanted Wade and Zoe together. And with all thats gone on, I am actually finding everyone on the show annoying. Except for Wade. Ill watch when I have time...

Beauty and the Beast - I like this season! It is so different!!! I like that Vincent is changed and that their whole outlook has to change. I think it really changes the whole feel of the show! Now what will happen next season....I dunno but Ill be watching!


SHIELD- I was really disappointed in this one. Im not a huge comic book fan, but I have always enjoyed the movies and I like the supernatural and crazy. Clearly. But this one just did not do it for me. I liked a couple of the characters, and actors but quite frankly, I was bored and annoyed with the plot. It didnt seem to go anywhere. Some of the acting was REALLY bad, I felt like I was watching a soap opera...it was just so one note, that I couldnt get into it. WILL NOT CONTINUE WATCHING.

The Originals- Since Im an avid Vampire Diaries fan, this one is intriguing. I dont know if I will watch it, but considering the less than stellar available options on Tuesday night, Im guessing Ill watch because its the only thing on...that said...I REALLY like a couple of the actors, so that will also keep me interested. Im hoping for a little cross over too because Ive grown to like Rebeka and I like Klaurine. WILL WATCH

Lucky 7- I couldnt even finish the first episode. It was honestly painful. And clearly Im not alone in this feeling because the show already got cut, after two episodes. And reality check, theres not much TV on on Tuesday night at 10pm, so it had to have been REALLY bad. The plot was somewhat interesting, but it started off in a such a weird way. To be frank, I didnt really understand why ABC would pick up such a flimsy show and then air it in a 10pm slot. There were so many other interesting shows that should have been picked up. ABC, I could have told you after reading the show synopsis this one would fail. I think most people agree. CANCELLED.


Arrow--Im still watching this show, its interesting., but kind of bland. I was really hoping that Arrow would get a side kick. Maybe Colton Hayes will be shortly but Im a little disappointed. I also am disappointed with his love life...but at some point things need to change or its going to get old fast. Will watch in my spare time...

Tomorrow People- I love this show I really really love it!! I think it has all the action and intrigue as shows like supernatural with mystery and possible romance...this one is a keeper. WILL WATCH!!!

Revolution- I think the premiere could have been better, considering the ending to last season, HOWEVER, I still love the show. Its different than anything else thats on, and really hits home for my particular demographic. I LOVE dystopian, if you read my blog, thats quite evident. I am interested in seeing what happens with Charlie and her crusade as well as Jason, whom I loved her with, but clearly they have gone separate ways. Im also intrigued by the new Miles issue. I WILL KEEP WATCHING!

Law and Order SVU - After the cliff hanger from last season I was completely intrigued with this one! I couldnt wait. But I must admit that Im disappointed. This show has gone off the deep end. And not in a good way. I unfortunately can no longer watch this show, it is far too gruesome given its sexual nature for my liking. Its almost painful to watch at times. So Im sad to say goodbye, but its time. WILL NOT KEEP WATCHING

Nashville--Oh Nashville how I love you. This is a great show. I love the actors and characters a lot. HOWEVER, I am very disappointed in the outcome of last season. I still love the show though. and I wont be giving up. WILL WATCH!

Ironside- Im not in love with this show, but i do like it. Im thinking its the new Law and Order. I really like the characters and actors. I love them actually. Its a different point of view too. Which I am certainly intrigued by. Im not sure how the audience is feeling about it, but I WILL BE WATCHING. Already got cancelled 

Top Chef- NOLA. I like it. Not much to say here, since it is a cooking competition. But I will be watching!


Vampire Diaries--LOVE IT!!! Need I say more? I LOVE this show. I dont however like Silas and frankly find this plot silly. Last season was one thing, but now its overplayed. And Bonnie a ghost? Thats annoying too. Im over it. What I do like...the new plot with Caroline and Elena's new roommate! That seems interesting. And finding out what will happen with Jeremy and Damon is also of interest. Same with Matt, he seems to be getting a new storyline. So hopefully the Silas thing doesnt last too long, because its boring. MUST WATCH

Reign-I REALLY like this show! I didnt think I would but its so much more interesting that I originally gave it credit for! Its got romance, intrigue, mystery...it reminds me a little of princess bride without the comedy. MUST WATCH!

Wonderland- So this hasnt aired yet, but I've already given up. I know its a one season show (so the news is saying) and I liked Once Upon a Time...and I like Disney..and fairytales...but Ive seen the previews and Im sorry but it just looks so awful. Again ABC you really let me down with your choices this year on new shows. (SHIELD, LUCKY 7 and WONDERLAND, are all failures in my book) WILL NOT WATCH

Scandal- Love it. this is one of the best shows on these days. Mainly because it has a great twist at the end of each episode This is a show where everything keeps changing and you are always on your toes. The opening was no different. I was shocked with the ending! Which I love having happen to me.  think this is just such a great show, much like Revenge circa season 1. Wish it would go back to that (thats neither here nor there though!) MUST WATCH

Parenthood-- Eeek! This is a great feel good show. Its got drama, comedy and love. I like this show, even though sometimes the plot is boring or annoying, I nonetheless keep watching. The acting is great the characters are good and I WILL KEEP WATCHING


Grimm- Hm. Well the first wasnt as good as I was hoping for...but definitely kept me on my toes! I think overall though as beginning to the season it was action packed and thrilling, with enough mystery to keep the show moving. I still want to know who are The Royal Family, what makes them so damn royal. I enjoyed the episode and I REALLY like all the characters they are all so interesting. WILL KEEP WATCHING

Carrie Diaries--So I have no idea what to think about this one. I LOVE Carri, the actress that is. She is so fun and quirky. But I dont really like anything else about the show. Personally, I think this should have been a movie or a one season series. There is no mystery or true intrigue in this show for me. I dont have much of an interest in the show moving forward though. WILL WATCH WHEN I HAVE TIME...

Haven- LOVE IT. This is a syfy show that I just cant get enough of. Okay I can. I am kind of hoping this is the last season with a final ending. I like this show and it never ceases to change which I love (see above) but, I can get annoyed with the repetitive plot points and the constant circle everyone seems to run in....I WILL KEEP WATCHING

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