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The Silver Tower

The Silver TowerThe Silver Tower by Colee Firman 4 STARS

At eighteen-years-old, Sophie Hayden’s entire life has already been planned out for her. Just like her parents, she’s on the fast track to becoming a Guide for The Silver Tower. In three weeks, she’ll graduate from Slatemore Academy and move away from home—away from her controlling father and spoiled siblings. 
When Sophie heads out to do fieldwork required for graduation, she hardly expects to cross paths with students from her school—much less witness them using an ancient relic that’s not supposed to leave the grounds of Slatemore. 
Sophie’s decision to find out exactly what they’re up to nearly costs her everything. It seems like a miracle when Leo Emerik swoops in and saves her from disaster. Sophie’s ready to thank him and move on. He has other plans for her. 
The minute Leo set his sights on Sophie she knew she was in trouble. Just being in the same room as him has her perfect world ready to spin off its axis. Getting mixed up with Leo is the last thing she needs, and suddenly the only thing she wants.
A catastrophe with Sophie’s name on it seems to be waiting around every corner since meeting Leo. Somehow, he’s always there to bail her out. Everyone else can see the one thing she can’t—her bad fortune may all lead back to him.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Overall: New exciting adventure from Colee Firman!
Characters: Sophie, Leo
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Recommend if You Like…The Program. 
Book Boyfriend: Not sure yet about Leo...could be!
Genre: Young Adult/ Sci-Fi   
Sex Scenes: No 


When I was contacted by the author to review her new book, I was stoked. I have loved her books so far and she did not disappoint this time! While I admit that I was not drawn in right away, given my experience with the author, I knew it must be me, I needed to get invested. I needed to give the book a little more time to build up. And I was right.  As usual I am impressed with the authors ability to draw me in and keep me completely fixated on the characters, the plot and the movement.  Much like the Unbinding fate series The Silver Tower starts off slowly, with a naive young woman who strives for more in life, and the reader is along for the journey that woman goes through as the protagonist, with plenty of mystery, possible romance and complete chaos at times.

What I love about the authors books is that I never know what to expect. There is a realness to her paranormal type stories, where I can easily get absorbed and wrapped up into the world and the characters. The author is able to make me feel as if Im a fly on the wall of the story, and I desperately wish I could fast forward sometimes because Im dying to know what happens. Im intrigued, and while thankful for the opportunity to read another amazing book, Im mad because I want the next book!!! :-)

Plot--Even though the beginning is a bit confusing, (the first 2%), I found myself intrigued throughout this book. Sophie, who is strong willed, determined, and quite brave, is also a bit naive, (okay a lot naive) as she her parents keep her on a short leash. Her family dynamic is interesting, it is more than than just a simple family life. The author added layers to the family showing that the family is struggling to find their own place amongst each other, parents, siblings, children alike which  I found to add a layer of depth to the character of Sophie. Sophies struggles continue throughout the book.  I found the way real life and the paranormal life intertwined to be really great, the author did a great job of making sure both elements were in the book.

There were some really great moments throughout this book, that really propelled the novel, moving forward the plot and the characters. It was easy to see the character growth, from the beginning and then at the end. And even though I was disappointed in Sophie at times, her decisions reflected her personality very well. Each moment in time felt on point and in furtherance of the purpose. I really look forward to where the series is taking me next.


Sophie- Our naive protagonist is, somewhat annoying at first, but over the course of the book,  she comes into her own, realizing that she doesn't want to be controlled by her father and wants to live her life on her own terms. While Sophie is book smart, she struggles with her street skills. She doesn't have friends because she studies so much, and she lacks some social skills, but she is generally a good person. And I don't just mean nice, she isn't just polite and proper, she is compassionate, caring, loving and loyal. Over time she becomes more emblazoned. She definitely makes mistakes, failing to see the bigger picture in situations. But she enerally tends to see the good in people, ignoring her gut feelings sometimes to her detriment, but the reader really gets to see Sophie as she grows and matures. Her romance with Leo is interesting, its a tug of war, when onces heart and head have different opinions, or when around the guy, its hard to know whats real versus whats lust and emotion, that first love is always difficult to understand, which I think the author nailed.

Leo- Leo is the guy who "rescues" Sophie, and as a result he becomes part of her life, and the chaos that ensues in a number of ways. I liked Leo, but I feel there is something more to him that we don't yet know. Im intrigued as to who he might really be (if anyone) in this story line. He seems like a good person, who cares deeply for Sophie, but I feel like there is something holding him back. The issue with Jolene Haymarket is odd and adds another dimension to his character. But I want to know more, I want more of him.

Other Side Characters --There are number of other minor roles in the book, too many to go through, which is typical of the authors books. (this isn't a bad thing) I think each character added a level of dimension to Sophie. Her siblings and parents really provided background to who Sophie is, why she acts the way she does. Her history is really important, and basically explains away the first half of the book and provides the why for many of her future actions. I found each character to have a specific purpose, which the author didnt just "provide", they didnt just serve some purpose and then disappear every person's role had a deeper meaning, and the author built the character up, providing history, and development based on that character, moving Sophie through her story.

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