Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Eve

Eve by Keary Taylor (Book 3 of Eden Trilogy) 5 STARS 

The Eve (The Eden Trilogy, #3)Synopsis--
A plan was laid out as the Evolution crushed mankind, a plan that was right under Eden’s nose all along. And Eve is the key to everything. New Eden—mankind—they have a small chance at fixing their dismembered planet. 
But it will be a reckless sprint against time and the coming Bane to retrieve the final piece to the plot. New Eden’s worst fears have become reality. The Bane are back in the city and they’re smarter and more aggressive than ever. They know where the humans are and they’re coming to finish what they’ve nearly completed.
Eve has been content with the family she’s found—Avian, West, Gabriel, Royce. But she’s about to discover she may have the one family Eve never thought she would: blood. With every odd stacked against her, all the lies and all the secrets of her origins will be exposed.
The past and the future are about to come full circle


The third book in the Eden Trilogy, Eve, was by far one of my favorite books. I was uncertain at first, as to whether I would like this one, given that it was the final book, and final books are notorious for letting me down (Divergent and Delirium), but Keary Taylor did not fall prey to those traps!

The beginning of the book was a bit tough for me, it was somewhat slow, in the way that I wasn't sure where the story was really going, and there was quite a bit of explanation that was rather confusing. But overall this story, and final piece to Eve's journey was amazing. Every piece of the story was fulfilled, with no loose ends. There was finality, and with the finality, I was pleased. I was so happy with the ending, and not because it was "and they lived happily ever after" but because it was raw, and fit in with the entire story line.

Eve was action packed. And I was sucker punched more than once! There is plenty of intrigue, mystery, adventure and a little romance thrown in there for good measure.

Each part of the story had a purpose, as usual, but at the end of this one, without additional questions, all the pieces came together to make an amazing ending!!!

I don't think in general that Eve "grew" throughout this book, she was always self sacrificial and determined. Instead, many of her relationships developed in this book. Eve's relationship with each character she interacted with grew and developed.  I found myself interested in a different characters story, like Lin and Tristan, or Vee wanting more of each of them!


The author also managed to continue great world building. Torbane was so vividly described, I could truly imagine myself there, with Eve and the crew. As a reader you look to escape, and Ms. Taylor certainly provided that element to me during this fantastic read! I absolutely loved this ending and am so happy with how things turned out. This is by far one of the best endings of a series that I have EVER read. Well done, well done.


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