Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mid-Season TV Posts

Alright, its about that time of year where the shows go on hiatus for the holiday season, and the mid season shows will start in January. Some shows will be over soon (Homeland has two episodes left!) others are just on a break. (Hart of Dixie) At this time though, Im just giving an update in general because its been about 8-10 episodes into the shows. I will update over time.

In no particular order.

sAlmost Human- ISo far I like what Ive seen! It reminds me of continuum. (which I love) I think it can be a good show, give it time. WILL WATCH

Beauty and the Beast--Wow oh Wow. LOVING this season. I am really enjoying this season of B&B, I think the new plot line is fascinating. I was hesitant at first, but CW has managed to make the plot work and become quite interesting. When last season ended, I wondered what could they possibly do, and how are they going to drag it out, but Im loving what they have done. Causing the rift between the two main characters adding in more action, drama, love triangles, and the moral issue and this show has become explosive. It went from, WILL WATCH to MUST WATCH

Blacklist --I am a fan of the show, but Im not diehard about it. I enjoy it, its enjoyable and interesting. I am dying to know who is Lizzy's father! I need to know what happened! But I wish more would happen week to week with the sub plot. This show reminds me of Law and Order SVU the side story slowly moves in the background of a big weekly story. I would prefer smaller weekly stories and more action on the main characters and their relationship. WILL WATCH

Hart of Dixie--Oy vey! This show has gotten out hand. I can barely watch it anymore. Aside from some of the terrible acting, and the terrible plot lines, this season is by far the worst. I love Rachel Bilson, and Im a big fan of the Zoe/Wade relationship, but my likeness of the show ends there. Whats worse? This show has introduced Joel/Zoe. It was bad enough that she didn't pick Wade. Or even Lemon's cousin, but Joel is the worst character introduction in the show yet. Her relationship with him is so incredibly boring and I find his character worthless in so many way. I see the turns the show is trying to make, introducing a possible love triangle issue with Zoe/Wade/Zoes cousin, but lets all be honest, we just want Zoe and Wade to get back together and be happy!!! This show went from WILL WATCH to IF I HAVE TIME ILL WATCH.

Homeland--Wow. I am absolutely shocked at the ending of this season and not in a good way. Homeland ended in what could have been seen as a series finale. Ruining a good thing if you ask me for next season. Sure the story can go many places. There are always more terrorists to find, right? Except one of the main reasons I love the show, the relationship between Carrie and Brody is what I love watching,  But now, Im not sure I will continue. I lost what I love most. NOT SURE. 

Hostages--I like this show, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to believe and watch. At first it felt so raw and believable (okay maybe not) but then as it kept going to got more and more out there. Im hoping that this is a one season show with finality. I like it but don't really want to invest another season into it.

Originals- I am loving this show, not sure how far they can take it, but Im sure they will think of something! I have enjoyed the show so far, all the characters are really coming together. Cami is one of my favorite as is the main guy, they have really brought the show to life for me! The background witch story is also very interesting. This has definitely kept me entertained! WILL KEEP WATCHING 

Vampire Diaries -As usual I love VD. But I have to admit this season has been pretty boring. I miss Klaus. I miss Tyler. And the new characters really arent doing it for me. The whole Katherine dying thing is weird, and kind of annoying, she just keeps whining! I do like the addition of her daughter though thats a nice twist. I will obviously KEEP WATCHING

Haven - Eeek! Haven ended on a good note. This season I lost a lot of interest. I was not nearly as invested as previously. This season was so different than the others. It was focused on how the troubles can be cured or were started rather than fixing each trouble as they come and Audrey's love triangle. The barn was the focus. I have to be honest, I wasnt captivated. The show has really lost some of its appeal to me. But in the end, the final 10 minutes proved to be really great! Leaving us on a wonderful little. WILL KEEP WATCHING

Tomorrow People--I am a huge fan of this new show! I absolutely freaking love it. It has everything from mystery, action, romance  to drama and crime with science fiction mixed in. I love Robbie Amell too, he does such a great job of being the hero and love interest all while trying to find himself. I also like the love triangle which isn't the main focus but has come into play here there. The finale of fall was interesting, and left me very upset that it was over for a month!! Come back! MUST WATCH, WILL KEEP WATCHING

Reign - I am a fan of this show as well. Not quite like Tomorrow people, but I do enjoy this one. I like the main character a lot, Mary. She is beautiful and charismatic. I also like the story line, which is obviously NOT the true story. I liked the ending of this finale, as it really leaves things open for where and what Mary will do next. KEEP WATCHING

Revenge- OMG!!!! I can't believe  who shot Emily!!! and now its on break! what?! unacceptable! I saw previews for the next episode so obviously I know a little bit about what happens, but waiting is painful. This season so far has been better than last, but I must admit, that I agree with other fans who feel that Emily has gone a little too dark. Aftet the initiative last year it seems that Emily went from being sweet on the outside and dark on the inside to just being dark, no wonder Daniel falls for another. Not to mention Im not a fan of her and Aiden, I mean she is supposed to be with JACK! Ah but alas, I am truly interested in seeing where this goes! KEEP WATCHING! 

Once Upon a Time- Hm. VERY interesting. This season to me has been less than stellar. I watched but wasn't as invested as other seasons. This whole Pan thing I found to be dragged out a little too much. BUT, the ending of the fall finale was intriguing! and it sparks new interest in me! I want the pirate and Emma together (I may be alone there though) and I am certainly interested in seeing where this whole new "world" goes. should be entertaining! But, Im not as invested as I used to be so Ive downgraded this one. to WILL WATCH WHEN I HAVE TIME 

Grimm- Not much of a finale, but I like the show overall. I have to admit there isn't much to say on this one. Its pretty straightforward. I will keep watching, but probably downgrade to when I have time. WILL WATCH WHEN I HAVE TIME 

Nashville- Eek. Okay so first let me just say that I have been half bored with this season. First off, I am NOT happy about Scarlett about Avery being together I wanted her with Gunnar! Im also REALLY bored with the whole Teddy and Rayna storyline. I wanted Rayna will Deacon, so Im upset about that. But I have loved Juliette's storyline this season. I like that she isn't quite as BAD as she used to be, sure she made bad decisions still, but not on the same immature level as before. I am dying for her to be with Avery! I love their relationship. I am really looking forward to the next part of the season. KEEP WATCHING

Scandal --Hm. I have REALLY LOVED this season. I mean it is just as intense as the others. There are some oddities but they seem to work themselves out. I am dying for Olivia to be with Jack and not the president. Im intrigued with all the ongoing plots between the death of VP's husband to Olivias mother to Jack taking over! Its going to be an intense end of the season!!! MUST WATCH 

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