Thursday, November 20, 2014

Forever Wild

Forever Wild By Magan Vernon - 3 STARS

SynopsisAfter ONE WILD NIGHT in Vegas, publicist Valerie Wilder woke up next to a male stripper named Wild Wes. A trip to the court house should have solved the problem, but legalities forced them to go back to Chicago together to start the process. But the more Valerie and Wes get to know each other the more they realize their WILD HEARTS can't be tamed and they may be falling for each other. Even though Wes is THE WILD ONE Valerie can't resist taking some time on THE WILD SIDE, but when she finally realizes that she's WILD FOR YOU, things get even more complicated in the form of her former fling and a deal he made with Wes. Now the two have to figure out if they can stay forever WILD or if their Vegas nuptials are going to come to an end.

* A copy was provided by net galley in exchange for an honest review 

I enjoyed this serial book. Which is exactly up my alley and by an author I adore. There were a number of things I didnt care for. Specifically, I didnt understand their "insta" love moment. I also don't truly understand what Valerie looks like, other than she's big.  It REALLY bothers me that he weight (Thick, chancy, chubby, heavy) are repeated mentioned. I don't think its necessary to remind the reader that the girl is curvy. Not to mention, Im not even sure what you mean by curvy or thick (do you mean fat? do you mean voluptuous? Curvy implies not being stick thin, but lots of curvy girls are beautiful think Christina Hendicks or Beyonce, Anne Hathaway all of whom are considered curvy .) I also don't like being reminded, I like getting a picture myself and then sticking with it, in my mind Valerie is curvy and beautiful but not overweight, a girl who is beautiful but not in the typical way. 

I really love Valerie's personality. She is witty and sarcastic but honest and sincere. She seems so sure of herself (personality wise) and yet so unsure of her body and why men would want to be her (given her weight and prior experience with men). It fits in perfectly with today's society, where women frequently feel at odds with themselves, their life vs their body. 

I adored Wes, aside from some of his ridiculous yes ma'am and darlin moments I found him to be sweet and charming and very loving of Valerie. I did wonder a bit more as to what he saw in her that first night, which I got a glimpse of, but Im not sure that I understood his point of view. And thats more personal than anything else. In the end I found his behavior to be sweet and caring. 

I definitely got the sleaze impression from Max, and I think the way that Valerie and Wes deal with Max is really interesting and realistic. While Max was one wrench thrown into the mix, there were other issues Valerie and Wes dealt with, and each one seemed to fit in with the plot point. My only issue was the very last book, it felt like the party was out of place and awkward without a formal ending point and resolution. 

This reminds me though of some of the movies out there right now, where the couple ends up falling for one another and the ex is now interested because she is with someone else

In the end, this wasn't the best romantic comedy that I've read, but it kept me entertained. 

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