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Just a Little Crush

Just a Little Crush by   3.5 STARS 

Just a Little Crush (Crush, #1)Synopsis
Good girls stay away from Ryder Briggs . . . or, at least, they tryto. In Renita Pizzitola’s emotional novel of heartache and seduction, one college freshman just can’t get enough.
Brinley Dawson doesn’t drink, she studies—and despite the accusations of her alcoholic mother, she’s still a virgin. But if Brinley’s life is so put together, why is she freaking out to be going to college with the gorgeous, green-eyed jerk she kissed on a stupid dare in high school? Ryder Briggs can have any girl he wants . . . and the rumors say that he does. So why, after publicly embarrassing Brinley four years ago, is he suddenly acting like he’s interested?
Ryder never forgot Brinley. In fact, those perfect seven minutes permanently raised the bar for what a kiss could be. The truth is, Ryder doesn’t dare get too close to anyone. He knows how that worked out for his parents. But when his roommate takes a shot at Brinley, Ryder can’t contain his jealousy. Now he must do the hardest thing he’s ever done: forget about sex and convince Brinley his feelings are real.
 Brinley isn’t sure whether she believes Ryder, but for the first time, her body isn’t playing by the rules. Then she discovers that she’s an unwilling part of a cruel game, humiliating her all over again—and Ryder might be to blame. Has Brinley’s little crush turned into a huge mistake . . . or has she found the one guy worth trusting with her heart?
* Netgalley provided a copy in exchange for an honest review 

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So...I actually really liked this book, BUT there were of course some flaws. I say of course, because I gave the book a 3.5 not a 5.

First, this book is a nice, quick read; and while it is quite predictable (arent they all though, really?) I was pleased with the overall feel of the book. The premise of the book is great, it really drew me in. And honestly, I absolutely love Brinley (though what kind of name is that?!) and I love her best friend, Mason while her roommate Fallon grew on me.

The plot of the book moved in the way I expected. There were some really good twists and turns and I was pleasantly surprised that the last twist wasnt blown way out of proportion. (like some books that make such dramatic endings, this was more flare without theatrics.)

Ryder and Brinley are pretty cute, they have a really interesting history (more like embarrassing) and while I wish that their past had been explored more, having this history gave them the opportunity to get lost in one another more easily . (I would have love to have seen what the high school girls thought now!)  I liked that their romance was intense but it didnt build too quickly. It was obvious right away, and their was chemistry but they didnt immediately jump into bed, rather, Brinley and Ryder got to know one another. I thought their "dates" were cute and really provided the reader with a back story.

I would have liked for their relationship to have gone farther, perhaps run into high school friends and see how he responds to the issue, etc. but it was really nice to see how their family life affected them, but that they will finally willing to fight for one another.

The dramatic twists that took place seemed to pass by a little too quickly, as if they were randomly thrown into the book for conflict and they quickly resolved. I would have liked their to be more of an effect throughout the book, hints, or problems.

The secondary characters is this book were also just okay. While Mason and Fallon (whom I really wanted to be together) were great characters, I also felt that they were way to cliche. Fallon the slutty drunk roommate, and Mason the best friend who's secretly pining for Brinley (which was EXTREMELY obvious). First, Im very irritated that Mason and Ryder didnt seem to interact much. Given they all went to high school it seemed kind of weird. Second, the back story with Ryder, Mason and Brinley is so weird (embarassing, yes, awkward, yes, but also some stuff didnt add up!) I like the story but felt pieces were missing. I really liked Mason and wish that his role had been more involved. Both these side characters seemed as though they were simply characters to help move the plot forward, they werent really needed.

As for the parents in the story. (WHATS WITH EVERYONE HAVING DRUNK SLUTTY MOMS!?) I get the conflict, I get Ryder's family problems and actually appreciate that one, its more creative. BUT seriosuly!? Brinleys mom and grandmother were essentially worthless to the story. I dont even know why they are there.

Okay so in the end, as you can see, I wasnt THRILLED with this book. BUT, I read it in one afternoon, and it entertained me. I liked that it was an easy, quick and adorable read. It made me smile, and warmed my heart. Will I remember it one year from now, I dont know, but in reality, I dont care, I enjoyed it in the moment, and thats all that matters!  So at the end of the day its a good read with some minor problems.

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